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Not Taking Off Any Time Soon

  Thank you, Flickr, for nothing. Just when I thought my photographic career (such as it is) was about to take off, you made it impossible for me to post any photos to your site.  No FlickerFriday, no daily photos.  … Continue reading

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Because I’m Bored

Being “under the weather” on a weekend sucks, doesn’t it? I had plans for today – shopping, maybe a little outside photography (despite the cold weather).  But I’m just not up to it today.  Perhaps I did too much that … Continue reading

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Did I Luck Out, Or What?

Newsflash:  There is life outside the office! I’m apparently a fortunate member of the very tiny class of people who have employers who not only understand and accept that, but actively encourage it. There are a few large pictures sitting … Continue reading

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Everything’s Ducky

“How’s your life these day, CookieCakes?” Why, thank you, so kind of you to ask. I just finished my fourth week at my new job – yay! Trust me, there was more than one day when I didn’t think I … Continue reading

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