Maybe This Explains It

Have you noticed  how no one seems to use turn signals any more?

You know, they’re those clicking lights on the back and front of the vehicle which tell other drivers where you plan to go.  Every car has a control for those lights, so why is no one using them?

Maybe this explains it:

That’s an actual photo of a page in the Quick Reference Guide for my new 2019 Ford Escape.

As you can see, there are many features indicated, including Wiper Controls – but nowhere are Turn Signal Controls noted.

Still confused?  (I know I am.)

Here’s a photo of the opposite side of the same page in the Quick Reference Guide:

So many things listed! Including the aforesaid Wiper Controls – but nothing about turn signals.  And I know my new car has them because I do, in fact, use them.

Just out of curiosity, I then pulled out the actual 2019 Escape Owner’s Manual.  A quick review of the Index at the back of the book shows no reference of any kind to turn signals.  But there are references to pretty much anything else you could think of, including “Sitting in the Correct Position” – which, in my opinion, might be difficult to do if you’ve been run into because you failed to use a turn signal.

Am I the only person in this country who still looks for, and uses, turn signals?  Is there a reason car manufacturers make no effort to tell new drivers where the controls might be?

Just one more conundrum for an old lady to figure out.

Because I have nothing better to do today.  It’s a rainy, crappy day, and I don’t feel like going out into traffic – where no one will be using turn signals (nor obeying traffic laws in any other way, at least in my neighborhood).

Happy Friday, everyone.  Stay safe and warm.

PS:  For those who might be wondering why I was perusing the owner’s manual in the first place – my new car does not have a CD player and I wanted to verify that it has the proper inputs to link up a portable player.  Which, thankfully, it allegedly does – I’ll find out for sure when my new player arrives from Amazon and I try to plug it in.  I’m too lazy to download my entire CD collection to an MP3 player and then try to figure out how to get that to work, and my request for volunteers to do so for me went unanswered.


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Seeing the Light

When stuck inside due to inclement weather, what else can a photographer do but take interior pictures?

As I “read” in the Important Room, I glanced up and noticed the angle of the light and the mirror and thought, “What a great photo that would make!

So I took the picture.  And in the process, I learned a couple of new things about my Nikon A1000 camera.  I love that camera, and I’m so glad I bought it!

Meanwhile outside, the plants are struggling to survive the winter.  I remember receiving this tiny winterberry plant for Christmas last year, and thought “Oh no!  Never give me anything green and growing!  Plants always die around me!

Fortunately, this one didn’t.  It seems to enjoy its new place in front of the house.  While I knew winterberry berries are red (when they eventually appear), I never realized the leaves would turn red when the weather turned cold.  Someday when it’s a big bush, it’s going to be lovely.  Hopefully, it will keep growing on its own and totally ignore me.

Let me leave you with this thought as we all go screaming into 2020:

While Christmas trifle is tasty, trifling with someone’s emotions is not.  Don’t those cookies look terrified?  The baker swears they were smiling when taken out of the box before being put into the pudding.  But I guess I also wouldn’t look too happy if I knew I was about to be eaten.

Happy 2020, Everyone!


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Holiday Greetings 2019

May the sweetness of the holidays spill over into the new year.

Best wishes for peace, happiness, and prosperity to one and all.

Merry Christmas!


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The Office Dinner

It’s that time of year again – the annual office dinner.

Fortunately, my office consists of only four people, who all get along well – and all the spouses are also great people – so the annual holiday dinner is a fun time.  Again, this year we went to 100 Acres at the Hotel Henry on Forest Avenue in Buffalo, New York.

Unfortunately, not one of the photos I took during dinner turned out well.  I tried to circulate a bit and discretely take photos of everyone at the table, but people kept moving.  Darn them.  So every single “people” photo had at least one person with a blurred face or hands (people will talk with their hands, won’t they?).  So much for any thoughts I may or may not have had about becoming a wedding or events photographer!

And of course, once the food arrived, I totally forgot I even had a camera.

Until dessert:

Pumpkin ice cream cookie dessert – 100 Acres at the Hotel Henry

Hubby specifically asked me to take a photo of his yummy pumpkin-cookie-sandwich (and those are homemade marshmallows!).

Lest I forget, allow me to describe the dinner food.  We started with appetizers – humus, warm marinated olives, carrot salad, a ham plate, a bread plate – and crispy potatoes!  I love crispy potatoes!  Which is good, because the only other appetizer I could actually eat was some of the ham.  Each appetizer was artistically presented, and the wait staff was awesome.  Our waitress was knowledgeable about all the dishes and adept at describing them before we ordered – and her manner was friendly and down-to-earth, with just enough humor to make everyone comfortable.  I appreciated that; too many upscale restaurants have snooty staff, which always makes me feel out of place.

Dinner choices were somewhat limited for someone with my dietary restrictions, but the special of the day was halibut with a lobster/celery root sauce.  The fish was done to perfection, and it was a good sized portion.  I was able to pick the chunks of lobster (fresh lobster!) from the sauce and scrape the celery root aside.

Hubby ordered the Erbe Verde chicken breast, which came with roasted carrots- also perfectly cooked and artistically presented.  Several others in the group had the cheeseburger – those burgers were HUGE!  They were presented to resemble a giant mushroom on the plate – I have no idea how everyone got their mouths around those sandwiches.  The burgers came with crispy potatoes.

(A bit of info to those who haven’t been to 100 Acres:  The entrees come with only the items actually noted on the menu – no salad, no soup, no bread.  My fish entree, although beautiful and tasty, was only the fish with sauce, and I was glad for the crispy potatoes appetizer.)

After dinner, we walked around a wee bit, same as last year, and I took the opportunity for some interior photos:

Two-Top Tables – 100 Acres at the Hotel Henry

(We had a regular table, with ordinary chairs, thank heavens – I would have made a fool of myself climbing onto one of those high orange chairs.)

View from the Balcony – 100 Acres at the Hotel Henry

Second floor hallway at Hotel Henry

Those of you who have been following me for awhile may remember a similar photo from last year.  I just love that hallway and couldn’t resisting taking another picture.  Doesn’t it make you imagine a pair of twin girls holding hands and standing at the far end?

The photo at the head of this post was taken through a second-floor window onto an outdoor patio (which, of course, was closed for the season).  The view is of part of the Buffalo State College campus.  (I apologize for the blurriness, but it was night time and it was through a window from a very bright hallway behind me.  I’m sticking with that story.)

Thus ended another great evening.  My firm’s holiday get-together is certainly something to look forward to every year.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalie Studio

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