Cordelia’s Mom Is Back!

Did that title give you a little thrill?

I sure hope so.  I’ve missed all of you, too.

So, you ask, what was the big deal that took me away from blogging for so long?

Well, folks, I just didn’t have time, or energy, for blogging.  I was busy with the full-time Job From Hell while trying to get my life settled again after ….

Buying a new home and selling my prior home!

The last day – both exciting and sad.

As usual, Cordelia’s Mom did everything backwards.  While most empty-nesters search for a senior apartment or a small ranch house with minimum maintenance, we opted to go from a 987 square foot, one-bath saltbox on 1/8 acre to a 1562 square foot, one-and-a-half bath colonial on 1/3 acre.

View from side of house

There are stories galore in that experience, and I’m seriously considering writing a book about my house-hunting adventure.  I’ve checked with a few, more experienced blogging friends, and they seem supportive of the idea.  I don’t know how long it will take to finalize the project, but you’ll see the finished product here first.  Are you excited?  I know I am!

Meanwhile, I intend to bore all of you with the ongoing household issues.  The house we bought was built in 1939, and we purchased from the original family (that’s right, we’re only the second family living in this house since 1939!).  The downstairs was never updated, and the upstairs dormer addition seems to have been built in the late 1950s/early 1960s.

The kitchen is so tiny that we had to buy apartment-size appliances and a small folding table.

We don’t cook much any more, so these are just fine.

The kitchen sink is in the original metal cabinet – it was all the rage back then, but not so much now.

Yup, this kitchen definitely will need updating!

Lots of work – but with a certain amount of cash and lots of elbow grease, we can make it beautiful.

It may be old, dirty and disgusting, but it has good bones, and definite possibilities (just look at that interior architecture!) – and it’s ours.

An arched doorway and built-in knickknack shelf. Who doesn’t love that?

Have you wondered the last few months why I was re-posting all those renovation stories about the old house?  Well, guess what – you’ll get to join me in doing it all over again in the new house – new windows, new bathroom, new paint.  And a new fence, so Puppy Cody – who’s used to running free in a fully fenced-in yard – can finally enjoy her new home.

View from upstairs window – I can’t wait until that baby is fenced in!

Puppy Cody and I are getting seriously tired of those walks on leash at 6:00 am every morning.  Puppy Cody definitely does NOT like walking on leash, and I think I may need rotator cuff surgery by the time we’re done, what with all the pulling and balking.

And you gotta know, based on how things generally go for me, that there will be lots of enthralling stories during the construction.

Stick with me, everyone.  It’s going to be another fun ride.

(BTW, I haven’t seen Not CM around in awhile.  I’m not sure she made the move to the new house with us … only time will tell.)

Love to every one of my loyal readers!


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom

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Puppy Cody Puts On Her Big-Girl Pants/Steps Up to the Plate/Does Her Job

Reblogging – because, hey: Puppy Cody! The poor dog doesn’t know it, but she’s about to go through that whole household reconstruction business all over again. More on that soon.

Cordelia's Mom, Still

CodyTeethIt was the night of the big Paul McCartney concert here in Buffalo, NY.

Hubby had been disappointed that he was unable to attend the Ringo Starr concert at Art Park the year before, and was over the moon when Cordelia was able to score tickets to the Paul McCartney concert.

I have never been a Beatles fan (please don’t hate me), so I opted to have a quiet Thursday evening at home with Cody. I did put the television on (and I never watch TV) because a local station was periodically broadcasting live from the concert venue.  I had told Cordelia and her Dad to wave, but if they did, I never saw it –  you’d think with only 17,000+ fans in attendance, that would have been a slam-dunk, but then my old eyes are not so good at picking out moving pin pricks, especially those in the nosebleed seats.

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Hubby and I recently celebrated our 33rd anniversary – despite the stress surrounding events during my sabbatical (which is about to end, thank heavens!). It seems appropriate to re-publish this particular post at this time. May you all have the love and support of a good and faithful partner.

Cordelia's Mom, Still

RuaneManningPrint Print by Ruane Manning – see note at bottom of post

The scream reverberating from the next room at Big Meadows Lodge woke me from a sound sleep. Somehow I just knew that my then husband had something to do with that scream.

No, he was not a philanderer, but he was an alcoholic.

We were on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. After a day of hiking, we had cleaned up and had a romantic dinner in the Lodge’s restaurant, gazing out the plate glass windows at the Blue Ridge Mountains. Returning to our room, my ex-to-be gave me a quick kiss and then returned to the Lodge’s bar to “pick up something for later.”   I changed into my newly purchased peek-a-boo negligee (hey, I was only 20 years old!). When he hadn’t returned several hours later, I realized he…

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Hot Browsing

I totally forgot this old post (hard to believe, I know). As I face a near future of no internet for several days, I will look fondly back on my early computer experiences. Enjoy this story – and be sure to click over and read Paul Curran’s story on Mark Bialczak’s site.

Cordelia's Mom, Still

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes Paul Curran makes me laugh, and sometimes he reminds me of my own stories. Recently, he did both.

In his recent post on Mark Bialczak’s blog, Paul talked about his experience with porn sites. Like most of you, I was totally shocked [if you believe that, I have a bridge I can sell you] that Paul would go onto porn sites, but then, Paul is a man and men are pigs [as most women know, and accept].

Paul’s story reminded me of my own family’s very first computer. For years, we had fought against getting a computer, despite the kids coming home every other day and telling us that all their friends had them. This was back in the early 1980s when computers were not a necessity in every household.

Eventually, we gave in – and I became the computer guru in our house.

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