Bending the rules just a little.

Because I can.


Like many children, I “ran away” from home as a toddler.  My mom watched me drag the extremely heavy suitcase out the door, and merely shrugged.  (She knew my aunt lived in the adjacent building and that I would go there.)  So, as soon as I slammed that door behind me, she engaged the lock, turned to my brothers and said, quite loudly, “Ok, she’s gone.  Let’s have ice cream!”  I remember screaming and begging to be let back in.  Of course, mom took her own sweet time doing that, and then told me she was sorry but all the ice cream was gone.  I never ran away again.

In elementary school, my idea of disobeying my parents was to sleep on the floor in my room instead of in the bed.  For some reason, my childish self thought that would hurt my mom and get revenge for whatever slight I felt she had dealt to me.  Come morning, she just laughed.  I never did that again.

In high school, I was one of those goody two-shoes nerdy glasses-wearing chicks that the teachers love and the kids hate.  I never got into trouble, if only because I knew mom would  be incensed if I did.  The other kids picked on me constantly because they knew they could and that I wouldn’t fight back.  Until I did.  But after that, everyone pretty much left me alone.

I seriously could not wait to get out on my own, as far from home as possible.

Which is why I opted out of attending college, even though the State of New York had granted me a full scholarship to any SUNY school.  My guidance counselor was askance.  But I simply could not stand the thought of even one more day of  being harassed by my peers.  Mom backed me up, saying whatever decision I made was fine with her, so long as I was happy in the end.  At that time, women were still expected to work only until they got married and had babies; college really wasn’t needed except with an eye towards attracting the proper type of mate.

Having thought long and hard about it, I declined the scholarship.  Instead, I went to work for the Federal Government, in Washington, D.C. – far enough away from home.  There I became a woman and learned, finally, to stand up for myself.  Today, I’m one of the strongest women I know.  I take shit from no one.  It took many, many years to learn that I don’t have to kowtow to anyone.

Recently, I received an invitation to the 50th reunion of my high school class.  I declined.  I hated high school.  Why would I want to relive those memories half a century later?

Perhaps if I’m not there, my old “friends” can still talk about me behind my back.  If they even remember me, which probably most of them won’t.

Anyway, since the reunion is in summer, I’ll likely be too busy playing with my cameras.

Speaking of which, here are this week’s photos.  The snow has mostly gone already, but more is on the way:



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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalie Studio


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Good Day to Be Sick

Hubby was sick a couple of weeks ago.  Guess who’s sick now?

Had to leave work early yesterday; woke up today with a worse sore throat, chest pains, achy joints, sinus congestion, etc., so no way I was going in.  Driving home yesterday wasn’t fun; today would have been downright dangerous.  At least the fever hasn’t spiked; I can manage everything with Tyelnol, Sudafed, fluids and soup.

Just as well.  We got our first snowfall of the season.  Just a dusting, but it’s cold and damp out there.


Puppy Cody had to go out, of course, so I took the opportunity to snap a few shots in the back yard while waiting for her to realize that the bunny really isn’t going to come over to play.  Silly bunny likes to lie right against the fence, nose to nose, knowing Cody can’t get to the other side.


Of course, as soon as I get close enough to the fence to photograph that bunny, the silly thing scampers off, ruining my shot.  Uncooperative little beast.


Now I’m going back to bed.  After which I’ll have some soup.  And then go back to  bed again.  I hear rest is the best thing when you’re sick.  Who am I to argue with that?

Probably won’t post tomorrow, maybe not for rest of the weekend.

Stay healthy, everyone.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalie Studio

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Let there be warm things…

In my post about preparing for winter, I failed to mention the need for warm clothes! And hats! Who knows winterwear better than our friends up North? Hand knitted hats and shawls are so much better than factory made, and these are adorable. Get yours before the snow arrives!

Ryl's Rostrum

So I have talked about my knitting… and lately I am working on stuff that I have available for sale.
Finding a decent venue to sell it is another challenge.  I am lucky if I sell one or two items at any sale, fair, festival or bazzar and I usually end up paying as much or more than I sold to attend these events.  Frustrating and disheartening…

In that light, I would like to show off some of the stuff I have available here… just to put it out there in case anyone is looking for a gift idea for themselves or a loved one.  If not, just a place to showcase what I have done wouldn’t hurt either *wink*

Brand new, hand knit beanie hats made out of 100% merino wool yarn.
Basic and slouched styles currently available. ($15 CND each if you are interested)

~ Black slouched style

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Winter Is Coming

Some areas of the U.S. already have significant snow.  Even some of our Buffalo, New York suburbs had a dusting of snow this morning.

Will it be a harsh winter?  There’s no way to tell, but here in Western New York, we know how to prepare.  Everyone keeps a snowbrush, shovel, blanket, snacks and water in their vehicles during the winter months, lest they find themselves stuck in a snowbank on the side of the road.  Everyone has cell phones, and keeps them charged.

Getting out of the house and onto the road in the first place can be tricky.  A few years ago, some suburbs had 7 to 8 feet of snow – even the hardiest of snowblowers won’t clear that!  But most snowfalls are moderate, say 2 to 3 feet.  Hubby and I are prepared.  We have 3 snowblowers – a large gas-powered one, a smaller gas-powered one, and a small electric one.  Of course, if the power goes out, the electric one will be useless.  But we also have a number of sturdy shovels.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to die – having a heart attack in minus 0-F weather while shoveling the heavy piles left at the end of the driveway by the snowplow?  If I fell down out there while it was still snowing, my body might not be found until spring.

That’s why if the weather’s really bad, I usually opt to stay home.  It’s kind of neat to sit in a nice warm house watching the snow fall, while drinking a cup of tea and playing videogames on the computer.  Eventually the snowfall stops, and the snow melts down to manageable levels.

Of course, if the power goes out, there will be no videogames.  But there are plenty of books, and we have candles and flashlights.  Probably, there will be hot tea as we have 2 generators ready to go.  They should provide enough power for a couple of space heaters, the sump pump, a couple of lights, and (hopefully) the microwave – if we don’t plug everything in at once.  Unfortunately, there won’t be enough power for the electric stove, although we maybe could keep the refrigerator cold enough if we plugged it in a couple of times a day.  Heck, if there’s several feet of snow outside, we can put the frozen food into large bins and put those out in the snow!

We considered a whole-house generator, but there’s just not enough money in the budget for one of those.   We’ve lived through week-long power outages before; we can do it again.  Hopefully, we won’t have to.

And, of course, being Western New Yorkers, we keep the kitchen stocked with non-perishable foods:  soup, pasta, sauce, bottled water, etc., and we always have crackers and cookies (and dog food – and treats – for Puppy Cody, can’t forget those!).  The wine cellar is well-stocked (gotta have priorities).  We have plenty of non-food essentials like toilet paper and paper towels.

Half the battle is being prepared; the other half is making an adventure out of it.  My girls still remember playing Scrabble by candlelight and toasting marshmallows over candles.  Making it fun makes the storm much easier to tolerate, and much less scary.  Perhaps we’re all pioneers at heart.

We’re as ready as we can be.  May winter begin.

Supplies for a Good Dog


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalie Studio


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