Politically Incorrect

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Apparently, Dean Martin had a dirty mind, as d0 the millions of people who have enjoyed that song over the past 74 years.  I must admit that in all the times I’ve heard that song, I never once thought “date rape” – I just always figured the girl would stand her ground and that the gentleman would acquiesce and then escort her home.  After all, it’s supposed to be a love story, not a horror movie.

At least in my younger days, that’s the way it worked.  I can remember being 19 and in an apartment, alone, with a male acquaintance.  We had been out shopping together and when it started to pour down rain, his apartment was closer than mine, so we ducked in there.  Sure, he tried a kiss, but when I refused that was the end of it.  And I never worried about drinking whatever I was served.  Maybe I should have worried.  Maybe I was simply lucky in my naivety.  At any rate, once the rain ended, my friend escorted me back to my own apartment, like a gentleman should and said goodbye on my doorstep, as I expected.

Heck, I can remember being chased around the office by a boss who wanted a kiss.  I was 18, and it was his last day.  He literally chased me from department to department, until eventually I found my way back to the steno pool.  the steno pool supervisor was a huge, tough old broad who took no nonsense from anyone.  She thought of the stenographers as part of her extended family – and no one was going to  mess with one of her girls.  I was safe, and the old fart skedaddled away.

The incident passed, and I never thought anything more about it until recently.  After all, in those days a young woman simply learned how to avoid unwanted passes, and knew when help was needed.

Be that as it may.  I didn’t intend this post to be a commentary on current events and predatory practices.  My intention was merely to complain about the way everything is taken wrong these days.

Baby’s It’s Cold Outside” is a song, only a song.  Like many songs, it can have different meanings to different people.  It’s impossible to please everyone.

Other songs fall into the same category.  I used to love Neil Diamond’s song, “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon“, but now find the lyrics and the nursery-sounding background music a little unnerving.  Perhaps that song should be banned, too.

It goes beyond music.  Certain fictional characters should be banned.  Take, for instances, Santa Claus.

I mean, really.  Santa Claus is a fat old man who goes around calling out, “Ho Ho Ho” (isn’t “ho” a derogatory term these days?), and all the little girls and boys then come and climb onto his lap, and he whispers that if they are very, very good, they will get a special treat.  Perhaps the mall Santa should have the children line up six feet away and simply shout their gift wishes to him, or better yet, write their wants on a piece of paper which can then be passed to Santa by an impartial third party (preferably not a pretty young girl in an extremely short and sexy glittery outfit).  Maybe the parents should sign a waiver on behalf of their children.

I think that would apply to the Easter Bunny, too.  The persona of the Easter Bunny is not only politically incorrect from a predatory standpoint (kiddies on laps again), but how about animal abuse?  Making a poor bunny hop from house to house hiding eggs and dropping off baskets of goodies, probably until he collapses from exhaustion? People can simply go to the store for their candy, can’t they?

I’ve heard that PETA is having a problem with many long-time sayings.  I don’t wish to feed two birds with one scone – I don’t even like scones – nor do I find the term “bitches” particularly derogatory when referring to female dogs.  I don’t particularly like being called a bitch by people I’ve wronged, but consider it simply their opinion.  When pigs fly, I’ll take umbrage at someone else’s irrational outburst.

Meanwhile, I intend to go on saying, “Merry Christmas”; I intend to continue to listen to whatever music (Christmas or otherwise) I wish to hear, and I plan to continue using old-time sayings that seem to fit a particular situation.  Heck, I may start fighting back by deliberately using politically incorrect terms. After all, there are many ways to skin a cat, sometimes it rains cats and dogs, and we all know that “Uncle” Sam is watching.

I have a headache now.

May your weekend be warm, safe, and uneventful.

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Tried to Skip Christmas, Didn’t Happen

Yes, I’ve turned into one of those cranky old ladies who can’t be bothered with holidays.

Heck, my kids are all grown and on their own, and they’ll be spending the holidays with their significant others and families, so why would I decorate my own house if no one’s coming to visit?  Too much work.  Putting the decorations up is ok – a little music, a little laughter, a tiny feast – after all Christmas in on the way!  But taking the stuff down after the holidays can be a chore, especially for those of us who must return to a regular work schedule.

Along the same line, I’ve given up holiday baking.  My girls, God bless their souls, took over that project several years ago.  I couldn’t have been happier – they get together and bake at one of their houses, instead of mine, so I have no cleanup.  I get to enjoy the wonderful cookies without all the effort.  After all those years of doing everything for everyone, I think that’s fair.

Ditto for work.  Two jobs ago, the firm I worked at simply stopped giving out holiday bonuses, although they did manage the once-a-year Christmas luncheon.  That was fun, but I was kind of glad when I no longer had to attend, seeing as the firm folded and I was out of work.

At the next job (The Job From Hell) everyone was simply too busy to do any celebrating, other than an in-office catered lunch – which lunch, although tasty, was eaten at a desk while phones were ringing.  Not too festive an atmosphere, and again I was glad when I no longer had to participate, having quit that job just before Thanksgiving.

So, this year I figured I was scot-free (not to be confused with Scott Free, who apparently is one of our President’s newest advisors).  After a spate of emails between family members, it was discovered that no one was available for the traditional Christmas Day brunch at my house, and since I expected to work Christmas Eve, I didn’t feel I could host dinner then.  It was therefore decided that one of my daughters would have Christmas Eve dinner at her house.  Again, no hassle for me, although I admit I would have enjoyed hosting the brunch – but hey, once the kids have families of their own, things do change.

Not hosting anything at home means no need to decorate.  Not going out other than to family means no need to overdress.  Works for me.

I had previously asked around at my new job (well, I asked 2 of the other 3 people who work there) what the usual holiday plans were, and was told that last year there was a firm-sponsored restaurant lunch during work hours.  Cool!  Time off during the day, and no worries about proper dress.

Ah, but then, the Big Boss (who pays all the rest of us, so gets to decide) opted to this year host a holiday dinner at a newly opened restaurant, with spouses included.  He’s quite excited about it.

Say what?  I have to actually eat dinner with my husband?  With other people?  And I have to dress up?  On a Friday?

No opting out.  I’m the new kid on the block and can’t very well say I won’t go.  Plus, I really like my co-workers and would love to meet their spouses.  And, the new restaurant is in an architecturally historic building which just begs me to take my camera along.  Ok, now I’m getting excited about it, too.

Ah, but what to wear?  Fortunately, I learned that dress there is business casual, even for dinner, so I could get away with what I wear for work.  And fortunately, a search through my closet turned up a Christmasy outfit I haven’t worn in a couple of years – and which miraculously still fits.

Since the work dinner is on a Friday (my normal day off), I will have plenty of time to get ready, and will have Saturday to sleep in.  My husband can take off a half day from his job, so he can relax a little before dinner, too.

And the best part of all?  The Big Boss also decided to close the office all day on Christmas Eve, so I won’t be stressed for our family get-together.  Had I known, I could have hosted Christmas Eve dinner, but that’s OK.  Let my daughter enjoy hosting. The baton has been passed.

May the holidays begin.

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Why Am I Always Shopping Under A Full Moon?

Two years later, I’m still wearing the coats. Guess it was a good deal after all. Enjoy this re-blog – I hope to take the weekend off from WP.

Cordelia's Mom, Still


Yes, it’s another full-moon weekend.

It’s not that I shop a lot, nor that the full moon brings out the animal shopper in me.  My job is so busy and so stressful that I can’t shop at all during the week, and on most weekends, I’m too exhausted to go out.  But there are things that I need – well, like wine, for instance.

For whatever reason, my shopping trips just manage to coincide with the full moon more often than not.

Our weather has grown fall-chilly, and I only have two weights of jackets – rainy summer and freeze-your-ass-off winter.  Time to get a fall-weight coat, so off I went.

But first, I needed a haircut.  When I was working just four days a week, I could go to the salon on my day off, but now everything has to be squeezed into those two weekend days.  The…

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Thanksgiving Night

That’s enough celebration.

Goodnight, Everyone.

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