To Leave or Not to Leave: A Dog Owner’s Dilemma



It’s that time of year again – fireworks season.

You notice I said “season”, not just Fourth of July.  Here in Western New York, people start shooting the darn things off in mid-June and continue until mid-August.  I kid you not.  Sparklers and non-exploding fireworks are now legal in New  York State, but everyone knows they can simply drive across the border into Pennsylvania at Erie and buy whatever large, extremely noisy items they like.  Apparently no one’s policing those purchases, nor the use of those products within our state.

Therein lies the problem.

It was bad enough in our old neighborhood.  There were the usual professional Fourth of July displays within a couple of miles of our house, and there were those residents who felt it necessary to shoot stuff off to continue their entertainment at home.  Every year, someone loses a finger or foot, or some kid suffers burns (even if they’re only playing with sparklers).

I admit that when our kids were little, we, too, bought sparklers, and one year my husband bought those little rubber pellets that turn into snakes when lit.  Stinky, but not overly noisy, and fairly safe so long as the kids merely watched and didn’t touch.

Our new neighborhood, however, is at a whole different level of stupidness.   A family a few doors down thinks they are professional fireworks stagers, and they not only shoot off bottle rockets, they also have those huge incendiary devices that sound like bombs going off.  As does one of the neighbors behind us, and one over on the corner.  Those things are not only loud, they shake the whole house.  These lunatics have already started this year, and will continue well into the end of summer.  It’s not fun for the rest of us.  It’s so bad some days that I suspect anyone who has lived in a war zone would be hiding in a closet or under a bed, suffering from serious PTSD.  Now we understand why the neighbors right next to us, on both sides, left town around this time last year.

Which brings me to the dilemma.

Hubby wants to take Puppy Cody to a hotel on July 4 (never mind that she’s exposed to the noise, smell, and vibration for weeks before and weeks after).  I think it’s better to keep her in her own home with windows shut, AC running, and Mom by her side.  There are lots of places both downstairs and upstairs that can become her little hidey-hole.

When we were doing construction at the old house, we had to take Cody overnight to a hotel because we had no bathroom or kitchen facilities for two days.  It was a nightmare I don’t wish to repeat.  Cody is skittish in new locations and around strange people.  We had to literally drag her into the hotel and down the hall, and drag her back out when it was time for her business.  Then we had to drag her over to the lawn area and drag her around urging her to do something for crying out loud.  She refused the dinner we brought with us, but come evening she did settle into her doggie bed, which we also brought along.  However, in the morning we discovered she had been so traumatized that she peed her bed (and I mean, totally saturated it).  She hadn’t peed inside or on any bedding since she was three months old.

Perhaps we could ask the vet to prescribe a mild sedative.  However, we tried that with our German Shepherd, and all that did was make him a mean drunk.  He still wanted to protect us against the terror outside and couldn’t understand why everything was out of whack.



I’m open to suggestions.  Those of you with dogs know what I’m talking about, and perhaps some of you have, in fact, had dogs in war zones.  Which is better – strange hotel, or hunkering down in her own home?  She’s going to hear the noise regardless of where we are.

Comments, anyone?

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Let’s Goat Buffalo!

What a great idea! My husband jokingly said we should get some goats (or sheep) for our backyard. Heck, I like animals. But no, we’ll stick with the ride-on mower, and leave the goats for their more important work in the local parks.  Thanks, Amy, for this wonderful post.

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Connecting Beyond

There I was taking a walk, stretching my legs, problem solving in my head when I came upon a sign, that at first I thought to be a joke. Mind you, what it said was the last thing I expected to read in this park. It said:

I’m referring to the “Goats At Work” sign.

Suddenly that is when I saw this sign was not a joke. For before my dumbfounded eyes off to my left, I did see goats who I was informed were there for one purpose …. to eat invasive species especially poison ivy and Japanese Knotweed. This park opted not to use Roundup (Happy Dance!) and instead is using a trial run of munching loving goats who do what they do best …. eat.

[People are waking up! We just can no longer use chemicals on a planet that is truly suffering the consequences of them…

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Silly Geese

Why did the geese cross the road? Because the sign said to.

It had already been a goofy week.

After the work-day tree cutting adventure, during which everyone in my office building was trapped inside due to the fact that both driveways were blocked by tree service vehicles, I was looking forward to my Friday off.

Sure, I was scheduled for my Remicade treatment, but I always sleep through that, and I really needed a good nap.  Getting there turned out to be a mini-adventure.  It’s nearly summer, in Buffalo, where there’s only a tiny window of time appropriate for — road construction.

Gotta fix those potholes, repave those streets.  Just another minor annoyance to be dealt with.

The parking lot at the medical center was being repaved, and with only one entrance in and out, it was a bit tricky weaving around to the back.  Just one more nuisance.

After my treatment, I was a little woozy, as usual, despite the lengthy nap, and I was looking forward to getting home – a drive of only a few minutes, not in heavy traffic, so all was fine.  The parking lot pavers had finished for the day, and getting out was no problem.

But as soon as I turned onto the street, I found myself blocked by an entire line of geese and goslings.  For once, I had thought to bring my little camera, just in case.

Fowl Roadblock

It’s so hard to cross a street with kids.

Meanwhile, the driver behind me was getting all twitchy because I was stopped in the lane of traffic and she couldn’t go around.  Really?  No way am I going to run over a whole string of baby birds just to save that driver two minutes or so.  Just ain’t happenin’.

Just another day in suburban WNY.  (Have I used the word “just” enough in this post?)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.  It’s beautiful here; hope your weather is gorgeous, too.

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If A Tree Falls at Work …


High School

(The above photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  I just happen to like it.)

One of the bosses was out of town, and the other was out for the morning.  Our computer system and internet were down.  No phones were ringing.  Filing had been completed.  There was nothing left to do.

I decided to nuke a cup of coffee, and while the microwave was doing its thing, I glanced out the window at my favorite dead tree.  I had been meaning to bring in my good camera to photograph that tree because of the way the uppermost limbs seemed to reach toward something beyond the clouds.

As I ruminated, a huge tree service truck pulled up, and several men got out and approached MY tree.  Were they merely going to trim the  branches?  No, there were going to TAKE IT DOWN!

Say what?  Another photo opportunity missed.


I ran for my little, older camera (which I always have with me) and figured I’d do my best.  Fair warning – the following photos were taken on a cloudy day, through a dirty window with a screen, with a not particularly good camera, by a not particularly good photographer, but they get the story told:

First, the smaller limbs must go:

I wouldn’t want to be the guy in that cherry-picker bucket, but he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Working the way up the tree:

Better check with the guys below to make sure there’s no traffic or pedestrians – after all this is a city street during a busy work day:

OK, it’s safe to throw the branches down:

Branches off, top third has been removed.  (The photo was too blurry to use, and I didn’t want to be that nosy old biddy running outside with her camera.)

Now, it’s time to take down the trunk of the tree.  Sawing from the bottom?  Really?  Yikes!

The other workers don’t seemed concerned as they put the rope on while the trunk is still being sawed:

Two guys went to either end of the work area to stop traffic temporarily, and thankfully the little kids at the daycare center across the street had moved away from the fence.

And finally – THERE SHE GOES!

(Check out the motion marks as the trunk falls to the street.  If you look carefully, you can see the tree hasn’t actually hit the ground yet.)

Thus ended the last day of my work week.  Turned out to be not so boring after all.

TGIF, folks!

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