The Wedding

It was the wedding of the century!

Well, in my small world anyway.

But it was a beautiful wedding for two wonderful people – my youngest daughter and the love of her life.

I didn’t feel it was appropriate to pull my camera out during the ceremony, and there were two professional photographers and a videographer present for that.

(In the past, the bride was enthralled with that TV program, Say Yes to the Dress, and always wanted a spectacular wedding someday.  Fortunately, as she says, parents are no longer obligated to pay for everything, or apparently anything – she and her groom took care of everything; all we had to do  was show up.  She got the wedding of her dreams, and Dad and I didn’t have to pay for it.  Win- win!)

Anyway, I did try to take photos during dinner and the dances, but as you all know I’m not that great a photographer, even with things that don’t move, like the floral arrangements:


The groom’s mom did all the flowers, even the bouquets.  What an awesome lady.

I’m the worst photographer ever for pictures of moving subjects, like people dancing, but I tried.

The bride and groom’s first dance was so sweet:

Then came the father-bride dance.   Everyone watched politely as it  began with the usual old person/young person shuffle, but then it became an actual dance routine with twirls and extensions perfectly timed to The Beatles’ song, “Here Comes the Sun”:

There were exlamations of “Whoa!” and some guests whistlted and cheered.  They had no way of knowing that the bride and her dad had practiced for hours ahead of time.

Best father-daughter dance ever!  I can’t wait to see the professional’s video.

The mother-groom dance was a bit more sedate, but brought tears to some eyes, including mine:


Oh, I forgot.  Before dinner, the cake was cut.  The groom had explicit instructions not to mash cake into the bride’s face (which he wouldn’t have done anyway because he’s not that kind of guy).  Being such an amateur photogrrapher, I failed to notice that the real photographer was shooting with that super bright light (oh well):

But at least I caught the moment, more or less.

The little flower girl was adorable:

But as I took these photos, she was getting tired and was ready to go home and to bed, and I understand the poor thing had formed blisters on her feet from the cute little shoes she wore for the ceremony:

Actually, at that point Dad and I were ready to  go home and go to bed, too.  While I didn’t have blisters, my feet were definitely screaming – despite the fact  that I had opted for sparkly slippers instead of dress shoes.  So glad I did, I never would have made it through the evening with dress shoes on my arthritc, bunioned feet.

But the best part of the evening, for me, aside from the ceremony itself of course, was when Cordelia gave her after-dinner toast to the new couple.  Her speech included her acknowledgment that as children she and her sisters didn’t get along all that well, and after many scuffles I would tell them that some day they would be happy to have sisters to share life with as I never had a sister and always wished for one.  My girls would scoff and say things like, “No I won’t.  I hate them.  I wish I was an only child!“)   Cordelia went on to relay that as they got older, the three girls became friends, ending with “So, Mom, you were right.

I never thought I’d hear that in my lifetime.  And the cheers from a few of the wedding guests made my evening.  Guess they had children, too.

As an aside, the bride convinced Dad and me to visit the Photo Booth.  We agreed once we learned we didn’t have to pay for it.  Not a bad picture, and for all I know it could be the last photo ever taken of the two of us together (please, God, let that not be a premonition!) (or, knock on wood, for us non-religious folks):

So ends a long, stressful six months, even for those of us who actually had very little involvement in the planning.  (Well, I did go for two dress fittings, and there were a few Bridezilla moments that required a mother’s wisdom and strength, but we all got through it.)

Hugs to the new Mr. & Mrs.  May they have a long, happy life together!


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio


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Summer Fun (by Puppy Cody)

It was the bestest summer day ever!

My city cousins, Rocket and Astro, came to visit so they could play in my big backyard.  Living in the city, they get walks but not a lot of off-leash time, so their mom, Cordelia, thought it would be fun for all of us.

And it was!

I had met Astro a couple of weeks ago:

(These photos of Astro were taken awhile ago; he wouldn’t stay still long enough to photograph outdoors yesterday.)

But this was my first time seeing Rocket:


It was a little awkward at first.  Rocket had been rescued from a puppy mill, where he might have been used for breeding.  It seemed he may have had some residual memories of his earlier youth because several times Cordelia had to reprimand him for, um, inappropriate sniffing.  Since I’ve never been around boy dogs, I had no idea what was going on; I just knew I didn’t like it.

Once past that, however, we all enjoyed our outdoor time.  At one point a squirrel ran down the fence into the yard, and all three of us chased it!  That was so awesome!  That squirrel was nearly as big as my cousins, but that didn’t stop either one of them from chasing it right back up the fence to the other side.

Later, Rocket and I patriolled, while Astro relaxed on Cordelia’s lap:

Finally, we were all a little tired, and it was time for the humans to have dinner, so we went inside.

Dad was a little worried about having three dogs in the house, but Mom assured him we’d all behave.

And we did.  Mostly.

I even allowed my cousins (and Cordelia) to use my couch:

Cordelia was a little surprised when I decided to join her and Astro while Rocket went exploring:

All in all, it was a very good day.  Today I am tired and a little sore in my muscles – after all I am 9 years old and considered a senior dog (even though I still feel and act like a puppy sometimes).

But it was worth it.  Every little muscle twinge reminds me of the great time I had with my cousins, and I hope we can do it again soon.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio

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Just Some Awesome Photos Today

Can’t think of much to say today, so enjoy these recent photos.

Yesterday’s double rainbow over Western New York (unfortunately, the camera lens misted up so there’s a slight smudge in the first photo – bad camera!):

Puppy Cody enjoying the Dog Days of Summer, a few days ago:

And finally, some views from Chestnut Ridge Park, Orchard Park, New York, taken today:

The Buffalo skyline, taken from the top of the tobaggan slope (approximately 18 miles away):

The front view of the Lodge:

And there was a storm coming in from Lake Erie over Buffalo and the southtowns.  10 minutes later it had passed – was that good timing for me, or what? You may or may not agree, but I think it’s an awesome shot :

Yes, I seem to be renewing my interest in photography, at least a little bit – or at least when inspired by certain views or events.  We’ll see how long it lasts this time.

Hugs, all.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio

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Like a Delicate Hot-House Flower

These days, I find that photography and writing go hand-in-hand.

If I don’t have any new photos, I’m unable to think of a post story.  At the same time, if I don’t have any story ideas, I have no reason to go out looking for photographic opportunities.

I know you’ve all missed me.

Mother Nature helped out a bit recently.  The orchid plant in my office has begun to bloom (see photo above, isn’t it gorgeous?) and it’s been warm and sunny outside.

So … backyard photos.  Not as gorgeous as  the orchid, but at least they’re green:

“Double Barrier”

Tracking the bunny.

Hmm, maybe it went under the fence into the other yard …

I’m going to try to get out more before the weather changes back to winter – which, here in Western New York, could be any time.  Admittedly, it’s going to be slow going as I tire easily these days.  Most days I consider it a good job if I can make it to the end of my own driveway to bring the trash cans in.  (Yes, I do make it to work three days a week, but that doesn’t count because it’s not “fun”).

Speaking of tired, Puppy Cody did manage to chase a couple of squirrels and bunnies.  She’s getting old[er] too; crashing on the couch is a good option after returning to  the house:

Hugs, everyone.  If I get my motivation back, maybe I’ll start posting a bit more regularly.  A lot has been going on; maybe I’ll share.

Assuming you’re all still here with me …


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio


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