Yes It’s a Big One

 I suppose I should be happy that I’ve made it to my 70th birthday.

Much better than the alternative, right?

Having taken the day off from work (no one should have to work on their 70th birthday!), I planned to spend a quiet day adjusting to my further advancement into [much] old[er] age.

Mother Nature and the electric company had other plans.  I woke up to a power outage.  No big deal, this happens a lot on my street.  So much, in fact, that I’m trying to talk hubby into installing a whole house generator.  Power outages are tolerable when it’s warm, like today, but in the winter it’s really annoying to drag the portable generator out of the garage and hook it up if the outage lasts more than a couple of hours.  Eventually, hubby will get tired of doing that and agree to let me spend the money for the whole house generator.

But I was really looking forward to a leisurely hot breakfast this morning – and my stove, the microwave and the toaster over all run on electricity.  I resigned my self to bottled water and nibbling on baked goods my neighbors had brought over from the church’s bake sale.

I have the best neighbors ever!  Because I couldn’t cook up scrambled eggs, they brought over some hard-boiled Easter eggs for me to enjoy on my birthday.  It definitely has brightened up my day knowing I now live on a street where people watch out for each other.  So glad we made that move 4 years ago!

As for the rest of the day, now that power is back on it’s time to put in a DVD and bring out the crochet work.  My baby and toddler afghans have become quite popular, but I’m between orders at the moment.  I find I need to keep my fingers busy while watching DVDs, so I will continue to make afghans and hats until I get new orders, and whatever I complete now will likely be donated.  There are lots of local charities that can use handmade hats and blankets, and it makes me feel special to know people are enjoying my work.


It’s a gorgeous day here in Western New York and I really need a haircut, so I guess I’ll go take care of that.  Maybe on the way back I can stop and buy myself a nice takeout dinner.

Not such a bad birthday after all.

Soon these will appear again. I can hardly wait.

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Freedom Truckers

My eyes teared up when I saw this link to my own post. Paul Curran did indeed affect so many of our lives, even those who never actually met him. Just before his passing, he was making plans to come to the U.S. to meet a few of his blogging friends. I’m so sorry he never got to make that trip. Rest in peace, Paul Curran.

See, there's this thing called biology...

I have been closely tracking the great truck convoy for freedom going across Canada in protest of vaxx mandates. Trudeau tried to dismiss them alleging they were just a tiny fringe group of extremists. Methinks not on account of the fact that those trucks just go on for miles and miles, one of the largest convoys I think I’ve ever seen. Even better, the unity and support across Canada has been a sight to behold. Everywhere you look, up and down the roads, on overpasses, are great crowds waving and cheering their support as the trucks pass through, so, so many trucks it takes hours for them to all pass. Even more amazing, it’s like, 7 degrees out there! People pouring out into the streets to greet those trucks in frigid weather, is so not a fringe group of extremists.

It’s just a beautiful celebration of solidarity and unity,

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Blogosphere in Mourning

More than 5 years since his passing, and I still think of Paul pretty much every time I post. He was my inspiration, and were it not for him (and several other steadfast supporters), I would have folded up my tent a long time ago. I’m reposting this today for the benefit of my newer followers who never had a chance to “meet” Paul Curran. There’s also a special link in the right sidebar under Categories, by which you can read most of his stories.

Cordelia's Mom, Still

foggy-sunrise “FOGGY SUNRISE” by blogger/photographer Daniel Antion (

Re-blogging Mark Bialczak’s post simply wasn’t enough.  I need to write out the pain.  Our good friend, Paul Curran, has passed away.

Our guest blogger, Paul Curran.

I “met” Paul Curran when I was a tiny blogger with less than 100 followers, and he began commenting on my posts.  His comments were always worth reading – often funny or witty, often sympathetic, and always long.  Lordy, Paul’s comments constituted posts all by themselves!

In preparation for writing today’s memorial, I pulled up all of Paul’s comments on my blog – there were 73 pages of comments!  I’m still crying.

His very first comment on my blog was on March 21, 2014, on my post about naming my new SPCA puppy.  Paul wrote:

Hi CM! First time here – I bopped over from OM’s site. Cody’s a great name for a dog. I’m 100% with you!

(In reviewing…

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Looking Back

2022 already ?!  My how time flies when you’re having so much fun.

2020 was basically a lost year.  The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way many of us live and do business.  Whoever would have thought that by 2021, a majority of the work force would be operating remotely?  But probably we should have expected that many of us would being doing most of our purchasing online since shopping was already headed that way prior to the pandemic.  And restaurants – so many were unable to weather the pandemic restrictions and simply shut down.  For many of us, family get-togethers were also suspended during 2020 for fear of infection transmission.  Zoom gatherings became a thing, even for those of us who were previously technologically challenged.

And I won’t even discuss the 2020-2021 political chaos.

By mid-2021, a new normal had begun to emerged.  As COVID-19 vaccines were developed and administered, people felt safer going out into public, and the economy started to rebound.  However, remote work which had been instituted as a temporary solution became permanent for many businesses as employers realized it was so much cheaper to have everyone working from home.

So, how were things here in Cordelia’s Mom’s world during those two years?  A brief summary:

◊  During my 3 months of forced unemployment due to the COVID-19 lockdowns in early 2020, I built up my savings significantly.  After all, I did not have to pay for gas to get to and from work, nor did I need to worry about work clothes or lunches.  I spent my time basically just loafing around, sometimes doing photography, and frequently posting on this blog (click on COVID-19 under Categories in the right sidebar to quicklhy find those posts, ’cause I know how much you want to.)

◊  Returning to work after the lockdown was lifted, I realized that 4 days a weeks were simply too much for this old[er] lady, so in September 2020, I cut back to 3 days a week.  Good thing I did, because in October, 2020, I found myself in the hospital due to high blood pressure.  Thankfully, that resulted in addition of a new medication and changes in diet and lifestyle, and I seem to be fine now (but not any younger, unfortunately).

◊  The new schedule freed up an additional weekday for whatever I wished to do.  It was a beautiful autumn and I experienced a renewed enthusiasm for my photography.  But then, winter came and I fell off the steps to my side porch.  Although nothing was seriously injured other than my ego, I found myself going out less and less.  My left knee and leg never did fully recover from that fall, and it didn’t help when I reinjured that leg in Janaury, 2021.

◊  I think that was about when my interest in both blogging and photography began to wane.  I was running out of ideas for posts, and at some point I realized that pretty much everyone in the world with a cell phone could take better photos than I could with my (to me) somewhat pricy Nikon Coolpix A1000.   Although I managed to keep going for awhile, and did, in fact, still take some pretty awesome pictures.

◊  Having at that point determined that neither photography nor blogging was bringing me enough satisfaction, especially in light of the work involved for both, I decided to take up a new (or rather, return to an old) hobby – needlework.  My aghans and hats have become more popular than I ever would have thought, especially my team-themed hats.  Football and hockey season here in Western New York can be COLD, and who doesn’t love a nice, warm hat in their favorite team colors?

◊  Hobbies were suspended briefly in the summer of 2021, when my daughter sold her house and bought a new one, and at the same time I refinanced my own home.  Such stress!  But worth it in both cases.  I saved a lot on my monthly payment through refinancing, but then the house decided it needed every penny of those savings.  The main electric panel failed and had to be replaced, and the sewer line broke, requiring extensive and expensive repairs.

◊  Even before the sewer repairs, I became too tired for either photography or blogging, and decided to give it up take a break.  It was no longer fun, and once something becomes too much like work, it’s time to move on to something else.  Since August, 2021, I’ve posted infrequently and taken even less photos.   But I have blogged and taken photos, so I haven’t totally given up yet and probably will be around for awhile longer.  Hope that makes everyone happy!

I can only hope 2022 turns out to be a good year.   Two weeks in, we’ve already had our share of family crises.  I don’t wish to go into details, but let’s just say that even though I’m not directly involved, being forced to move an elderly relative from independent living into a nursing home is stressful for the entire extended family.  My heart goes out to the patient herself and to her children who are making some very difficult decisions.

Meanwhile, I work on baby afghans.  Apparently, lots of new babies are on the way, and the afghans make great welcoming gifts:

Happy 2022, Everyone.  May your year be healthy, safe, and financially stable.


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