CM May Have Been Hacked

Probably no one has noticed, but I have deleted the button allowing readers to follow this website via Facebook.

Recently, I received a comment on my Cordelia’s Mom Facebook page, and when I tried to go onto that page to reply to the comment, there was a message that the page was unavailable due to “technical difficulties” and that the issue would be resolved “soon.”  I have been receiving this same message for a couple of weeks now and have been unable to access my own CM page.  I don’t know how long before that the page was down, as I don’t check it regularly.  Nowhere is there a number or email to contact FB to find out what’s going on with that page, nor have I received any email or other contact from FB to tell me there’s been a problem.

So, I went onto my personal FB account page and tried to contact customer support from that account.  Thus far, there has been no response.  I continue to be unable to reach the CM page, nor am I able to delete it.

Thus, I felt it prudent to remove the FB button from this website, at least until the issue is resolved.

Do any of my readers know of some way to contact FB when the page in question is not accessible to its owner?


Meanwhile, I have been busy working on my  new love – crocheting.  In only a couple of weeks, I finished my first afghan (see photo at top).  This one has been claimed by one of my daughters, and another daughter has chosen colors for her afghan, which I have started.  It, too, is going to be awesome.

Such handiwork is keeping me off the streets and out of trouble, which is a good thing.  My long-time readers know that Cordelia’s Mom is not always as sweet as she pretends to be.


On an unrelated matter, how’s everyone doing on getting those vaccines?  I’ve had my first shot (which left one hell of a bruise that’s still there nearly  weeks later!), and the second shot will be next week.  Then six months from now, I guess I’ll be doing it all over again – although hopefully the booster shots will be single doses, making it so much easier to schedule around my Remicade infusion schedule.

This has not been the most exciting post, has it?  Especially since I’ve been absent.  No reason for that absence other than the fact that I’ve become a bit bored both with writing and photography.  Perhaps once the nicer weather arrives (and stays for awhile), the fun will return to those endeavors.

But at least I haven’t given up completely.  I found my way back to the Classic Editor (thank you, Archon!), which certainly helps.  And discovering that some of my photos have been picked up by other sites under the Creative Commons guidelines also helps.  I mean, thousands and thousands of photos available on any particular subject, and they chose mine?  How awesome is that?

Happy Weekend, Everyone!  Stay safe and healthy.


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Image by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio

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Embracing Old Lady-ness

Or, re-living my youth, depending on your viewpoint.

When I was in high school (nearly half a century ago!), girls were required to take Home Economics.  We learned cooking, sewing, knitting, crochet, and embroidery, as well as stuff like how to set the perfect table and how to iron and do laundry.  All so we could become perfect wives to the boys who were concurrently taking Shop class (learning how to maintain the home they would eventually build or buy for that perfect wife).

My, how times have changed.  Now, if those courses are offered at all, both boys and girls take them.


Because WordPress has become more of a pain than it’s worth, what with its forced-upon-us Block Editor, and because photography isn’t exciting me much these days, due to the fact that it seems like everyone takes better pictures than me, I decided to find a new hobby.  I remembered the enjoyment I had while knitting and crocheting as a young woman – one year I even crocheted tiny Christmas ornaments (trees, bells, tiny ice-skates) for everyone on my gift list, and I still have my own set of those ornaments today.

So, I decided to return to the craft.

But where were my needles and hooks?  Each of my girls claimed not to have them, I couldn’t find them in any closet or in the basement – and on top of that, all my pattern books had gone missing.  Possibly, I had donated everything to charity at some point when I thought I was done making sweaters and blankets.  In any event, I had to replace everything.

I wanted to make afghans just like the ones I had made when I was young:


Crocheted plaid afghan – made by Yours Truly many years ago.
Knitted cable afghan – it took me 6 months to knit this one!

My patterns were gone, and I’m not skilled enough to create something without a pattern.

Luckily, I found a free pattern online for the woven plaid afghan.  I’ll probably have to pay to replace my long-lost cable-knit afghan pattern with something similar, but that will be a ways off, after I’ve remastered crocheting.  I purchased a basic learn-to-crochet book to refresh my skills.

Now, I just needed yarn.

My, how prices have risen over the years!  And it’s not easy to find yarn locally; Walmart carries it, but the selection is limited.  I wound up paying more than I wanted, but Amazon had some very nice yarn in as many colors as I could possibly ever want.

The first afghan will be two shades of blue mixed with off-white:

Afghan in progress – crocheted (this is the base through which plaid will be woven)

Apparently, crocheting is like riding a bike – once you learn, it’s always with you.  Taking up the hook again turned out to be extremely easy.  Once the mesh is completed, I will weave thread through those links to make a plaid.   I think it’s going to be awesome.

Eventually, I’ll graduate back to knitting so I can make another cable afghan like the one pictured.  It’s my favorite – so warm, and so beautiful.  I’d love to make one for each of my daughters.

Now, I need a rocking chair to complete the image.  I don’t have a rocking chair, but I do have a very comfy Big & Tall leather desk chair, and I ordered a tiny footstool so I can rest my feet while acting all old lady-ish.

Not that I really want to turn into an old lady, but until the pandemic ends (had my first vaccination shot, getting the second in April), and the weather warms, I’m not overly motivated to get outside and walk off some of those extra years.

Maybe next week …

Happy Spring, everyone.


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Vaccination Roulette

“Waiting to Connect”

It’s been a heck of a year, hasn’t it?

On top of everything else, WP has now forced me into the block editor.  I hate it.  I absolutely hate it!  But like all other mandated changes, I’ll just have to learn to live with it.  If I stop posting completely, you’ll all know why.  (Can anyone tell me how to add Categories and Tags to a post?  I can’t figure that out.)

Moving on to the real subject of this post:

How are you all doing on scheduling appointments for the COVID-19 vaccination?  Having fun?  Wearing out that “refresh” button?

When hubby and I first became eligible to receive the vaccine, due to our advanced age, I immediately started looking for appointments.  Everything was booked.  And I mean everything.  We heard tales of friends and relatives who were traveling hours to another city or state to receive a vaccine.  We weren’t willing to drive for hours, especially considering we’d have to do it all over again in a few weeks for the second dose.

Every day, several times a day, I would search the New York State site as well as the sites for all the local pharmacies and grocery stores in an effort to find that elusive first dose reservation for my husband.  A colleague opined that some of the problem was people who were scheduling  multiple appointments just to be sure they’d have one. 

I began to wonder if there was some kind of black market for vaccination appointments.

I was about to give up, until one Thursday when I was off work, with no particular plans.  On that day, I spent the entire morning going from one website to another.  After several hours, I decided to try the CVS pharmacy site one last time – and, hallelujah!, there was an open appointment at a store only 30 minutes away.  Hubby got scheduled and got his first dose, with the second dose being scheduled for 4 weeks later (just FYI – Pfizer’s doses are 21 days apart, Moderna’s are 28 days).

My problem was a little different.  I am on Remicade infusions, every 6 weeks.  I had heard from a relative who is also on Remicade that her doctor advised her to schedule her vaccination either two weeks before an infusion or two weeks after, to avoid any drug interaction or any reduction in the vaccine’s efficacy.  Her infusions were every 8 weeks, so while scheduling was tough, she was able to make her two appointments – at a state-run site in Syracuse, two-and-a-half hours away.

Having infusions every 6 weeks made scheduling of a two-dose vaccine nearly impossible for me.  No matter how I tried to figure it and no matter whether I chose Pfizer or Moderna, it seemed I would only be able to schedule the first dose within the recommended time windows.  I resigned myself to having to wait for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is only one dose.  But no one was offering J&J; who knew when it might become available?

Meanwhile, eligibility for the vaccines kept being expanded, so that more and more people were vying for the few appointments available.  It looked like I wouldn’t be getting vaccinated any time soon.

Then, yesterday, I decided to call my own GI doctor for his opinion on how I could schedule a two-dose vaccine around my Remicade infusions.  He said while two weeks before/after would be ideal, it was not necessary; he said to just try to schedule somewhere in the middle of the time period between infusions.

Considering that, I decided to take my chances, and I went online.  I really didn’t want to go to a mass vaccination clinic run by the state, mostly because I was worried about parking and having to walk too far.  CVS and Walgreens had no appointments available within a reasonable driving distance,  I did consider scheduling an appointment at a pharmacy in Batavia, Jamestown, or Rochester – farther than I wanted to go, but do-able.

Just on a whim, I decided to try Wegmans one last time.  For the last two months, Wegmans has had no available appointments anywhere.  But I’m the optimistic sort.

Won’t wonders never cease?  Only a few minutes before I landed on their site, they had opened up a new block of appointments – at every one of their stores in my area.  I wouldn’t have to drive for hours!  I wouldn’t have to go late in the afternoon during rush hour!  There would be plenty of parking close to the store!

I managed to book my first dose appointment for 11:00 am today, at the store only 2 minutes from my house.  For the Moderna vaccine – which would give me 4 weeks to schedule the second dose, instead of the 3 weeks required by Pfizer.  Definitely do-able.

Wegmans ran things efficiently.  There was a very short wait while paperwork was completed, then the shot (which was painless and over before I knew it), and I was home by 11:30 a.m.  So far, there have been no side effects.  No arm soreness, no headache, no dizziness.  I don’t even feel particularly tired.


In 4 weeks, I get the second Moderna dose.  And then I’m done, at least until such time as the CDC decides we all need booster shots.

How are the rest of you doing?  If you want a vaccine, have you been able to schedule an appointment?  Have you had your shots?  Did everything go well?  Feel free to leave comments below.

Only 2 days ’til Spring!  Stay warm, safe, and healthy, everyone.


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The Lazy Baker

Sure, when I was younger, I loved to bake, and would spend an entire day on my feet making cakes, cookies, etc.

But these days, I can only stay on my feet for short periods of time, never mind that I simply don’t have the inclination for complicated recipes.  And heaven forbid, I would have to do any kneading!

However, we have a whole room full of flour, sugar, and other baking supplies that we purchased at the beginning of the pandemic, and which must be used up before their “best by” dates.  Back then, we thought grocery stores might run low on bread, so we also purchased yeast.

Bear in mind that I had never, ever used yeast.  My prior baking experience really was limited to cakes and cookies.

The idea of standing for some awful period of time, kneading kneading and kneading, simply didn’t appeal to me, so I searched my recipe books for some way to bake bread and rolls without all that effort.

My first try was “feather rolls”.  They are yummy and easy to make (the recipe calls for ordinary white flour), but they must be used up immediately as they become stale really fast.  Plus, I needed some way to use the whole wheat flour my husband had purchased.  I tried the feather roll recipe with whole wheat flour, and while the rolls were ok, they didn’t light that fire that would make me want to bake another batch any time soon.

The regular bread recipes looked like too much work, and most of those recipes made several loaves at once.  There’s only my husband and me – how much bread could we eat?  And the only freezer we have is at the top of our apartment sized refrigerator.  No room there for even one whole loaf of bread, much less several.

Finally I found what appears to be the perfect recipe, at least for me.  It has only a few ingredients – yeast, milk, salt, whole wheat flour, water and molasses (but I used real maple syrup instead).  No fat! No eggs!  And even better – NO KNEADING!  And it makes just one loaf at a time! Win-win!

It mixes easily with a spoon, bakes up perfectly, and best of all – it does not go stale the day after it’s made.  In fact, it seems to get a little more moist a few days after baking if stored on a countertop.  In addition, this is the best toasting bread I’ve ever had.  Goes well with butter/jelly, or peanut butter, or cream cheese.

Just to be sure my first loaf wasn’t a fluke, yesterday I made some more.  Every bit as good as the first time.  I now have my go-to whole wheat bread recipe.

(For those who are interested, the recipe can be found in the Fannie Farmer Cookbook and is titled “Entire Wheat Bread.”  The Fannie Farmer book is my favorite cookbook for basic recipes – and, in case you want them, it includes the recipe for the Feather Rolls mentioned above.)

But don’t take my word for it.  What better way to judge the appeal of a food than to have someone literally begging for a taste:

Happy Friday, folks.  Stay safe and healthy.


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