I Can See Clearly Now

The post I planned to republish this week, before I got distracted by Puppy Cody. Only time will tell if I ever again have to live through household renovations …

Cordelia's Mom, Still

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen the spring ice melt started running down the inside of my kitchen walls, I actually laughed.  I always hated the faux wood paneling in the dinette area of the kitchen and could not afford to replace it.  Now it would have to be torn out, and the homeowner’s insurance would cover the cost!

But first, we would need to replace the front and back downstairs windows.  The house was built in 1942, and these were the original windows – both windows had begun to leak, sometimes severely enough to damage the walls underneath them.


However, money was a problem.  Obviously, I could not use the insurance money for the windows because they were not part of the claim.  I had X amount of dollars available from savings, and these were large windows.  Economy windows were not an option inasmuch as we…

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Beneath the Gentleness Beats the Heart of a Huntress

I had a different post to re-blog, but then I came across this one.
And hey – who doesn’t love Puppy Cody? Have a good weekend, everyone!

Cordelia's Mom, Still

Cody Awake 1Some days just start off bad.

June 1 should be a great day – the weather should be warm and sunny, and thoughts of beaches and barbecues should run through one’s head.

Alas, ‘twas not to be.

It had rained the night before – a torrential downpour which flooded the back yard.  The yard was still partially flooded the next morning when I took Cody out to do her business.  Cody loves to chase the squirrels and bunnies – and Cody is faster than me.

This particular morning, Cody leaped out of the side door and streaked into the backyard before I could even get my aging legs in gear.  By the time I got there, this is what I saw:


Yes, that is a real bunny.  And yes it is very, very dead.

Fortunately, it was already dead when Cody found it – at least I can comfort myself…

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House Under Water

Who’s lucky? My readers are – you all get to join me in my home renovations – again. Just seems like an appropriate time to re-blog that particular mini-series. If I’m also lucky, the mini-series re-blogs will end at just about the same time as my sabbatical does.

Cordelia's Mom, Still

*sigh*  This was supposed to be my post for Thursday, April 9, 2015, but I accidentally hit “Publish” instead of “Save” (I really have to stop doing that!).  I could delete it and re-post it on Thursday, but I decided to just let it stand.  Enjoy!

Spring has sprung (more or less), and so has the house.

A question was recently asked of another blogger who lives in a snow belt:  What happens to all that snow when it melts?

Well, in my area, you get mud:


And then more mud:


And while that’s happening, the ice on the roof of the house melts and results in this:


And this:


Many of you will remember that my husband and I had a new roof installed in September, 2013 – because the old roof had started leaking and we didn’t want further damage.

That winter (2013-14), we patted ourselves on the…

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Manly Defensive Driving

The not-so-better half …

Cordelia's Mom, Still

Bumper CarsI had already retaken my defensive driving course and received the insurance discount.  Now it was time for hubby to take it, too.  Again, we opted for the online version.

Thank God we only have to do this once every three years!

NOTE:  For those who caught my poor math in the first story, let me explain.  The increase in the first month’s premium was $75, but that included a $20 processing fee for the annual renewal, and a $5 per month increase that was effective regardless.  The defensive driving discount is more like $50  a month, or $600 a years.  (Thank you, Archon, for pointing out my inadequacy.)

Right off, hubby could not get into the site properly.  He had no problem registering and having his credit card information credited, but the link to the actual course was not working.  He, too, had to engage “Live Chat.”

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