Zoom to 3

There’s gotta be a back story, but I don’t know what it is.

So let’s make one up.


[The candy company administrative people are currently working remotely, due to the nasty COVID-19 pandemic.  But the pandemic can’t stop candy manufacturing and marketing, can it?  Some issues still need to be dealt with.]

BILL:   Thanks, everyone, for joining this Zoom meeting.  Are we all here?  Where’s Joanne?

[Joanne quickly finishes a competitor’s candy bar; the edge of the wrapper can be seen in the lower left corner of her screen.  Shame on Joanne.  She may not be Zooming much longer, at least not for this company.]

JOANNE:  I’m here.

BILL:  Good, let’s start.  We’ve received complaints concerning our “3 Musketeers” candy.  It seems the name conjures a somewhat violent image of men with swords and attitude.  Management wants us to come up with a more politically correct name.  Any suggestions?

JOHN:  How about “3 Men on Horseback“?  We can leave the swords out of it.

EVELYN:  No, that won’t work.  The animal rights people will have a fit about the poor abused horses.

BILL:  Good point.  Maybe we could call it simply “3 Men“?

JOANNE:  Um, I don’t think so.  First off, no man would want a candy bar with that name – really, men eating men?  No way.  And while it might appeal to certain women who would love the idea of biting off a man’s head (no pun intended), others might feel the name is sexist.  Both men and women eat candy, right?

EVELYN:  Right.   And who knows for sure that little group was only men – what about equal rights?  Maybe it was 2 men and a woman, or 2 women and a man …

JOHN:  oooo, an orgy!  “3-Some” – Bet we could sell that!  but maybe not in the local grocery store.

[sounds of chuckling and coffee slurping from various Zoom sites]

BILL:  Let’s keep it clean, folks.  Could we just call it “3 People“?

EVELYN:  okay, but what skin color are those people?  No one wants racist candy.

JOANNE:  Yeah, and what is the political affiliation of these individuals?

JOHN:  How ‘ bout “3 Persons Who Matter“?  Don’t shake your heads at me – none of you are coming up with anything better, are you?

OFF-SCREEN SCREAMING:  Mooommeee!  Come quick!

[total silence on all screens]

BILL:  Whoever’s kid that is, you wanna go take care of that?

[No one leaves.  After all this is a work Zoom meeting, and absences to attend to family matters are noticed come raise time.  But, wait, is that a little hand reaching up from the bottom of Joanne’s screen?]

BILL:  Moving on.  Does anyone have anything?

[Apparently not, judging from the pained expressions, chairs squeaking, fiddling with pencils, etc. – and in Joanne’s case, pretending NOT to be looking into another part of the room.  She’s gotten really good at moving only her eyes.]

BILL:  Alrighty then.  I’m going to make an executive decision about the name.  This meeting is adjourned.  ‘Bye, everyone.

[And henceforth, the candy bar shall be called simply “3” – same great product, enjoyable by everyone!]


DISCLAIMER:  I have never worked for Mars, Incorporated, the manufacturer of the candy in question and have never had any contact whatever with that company (other than occasionally consuming their tasty products – which by the way, include M&M’s, my absolute favorite photographic prop).  Heck, I’ve never worked for any large corporation nor in any job which involved Zoom meetings.  Obviously, the foregoing story is pure fiction, probably based on a sugar high after eating my photographic props (the aforesaid tasty products).  I made up the names of all the Zoom conference attendees; if any of those names somehow match someone currently working at Mars, Incorporated, it’s purely a fluke.  If anyone from Mars, Incorporated wishes to jump in with comments, I would be truly honored, but I would hope the Mars, Incorporated people would see the humor and enjoy this post as much as the rest of my readers will.  Heck, maybe now there’ll be a run on “3 Musketeers” candy as people stock up for Halloween.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?


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Cutting Down

The thought police are upon us.

I had an idea for a post and was trying to think up a title.  Would I call it “Cutting Down” or “Cutting Back” or perhaps “Making the Cut.”  In my own living room, with no one else at home, not speaking out loud, and not within range of any electronic device, I ruminated.  I do not have a smartphone, and my flip-phone was in the other room.

Once I had more or less decided, I sat down at the computer to draft my post.  As soon as I logged in, my home page immediately flashed a large ad for a nasty looking knife (“The best cutting tool in the world!”)

Say what?

This is happening way too much these days.  I can understand ads that pop up for products I may have perused online, and for those that I have already purchased.  I can even understand such ads appearing if I bought the item in a brick-and-mortar store because I would have used my credit card, which, as everyone knows, is totally trackable.

I’ve heard stories of people who have conversations while carrying a smartphone, or within ear shot of a computer or smartphone, and then are deluged with ads for whatever item/sports team/restaurant/tourist attraction they had discussed.  I’ve known people who received such ads in their home email after discussing something with a passenger in the car.

I’m beginning to seriously consider the theory that current electronic devices may have hidden recording devices managed by not-so-reputable people who then sell the data to marketers.

Not long ago, my husband perused an item online using his smartphone.  He did this at work, miles away from home.  It was my day off and later that afternoon, I logged into my personal email page from our home computer, and sure enough, there was an ad for the very item my husband had viewed.  It was not an item I would ever be interested in, and hubby and I had never, ever discussed purchasing it.  (I only knew about his search later that evening when I mentioned to him that for some reason my email account had an ad for [the item he had looked at].)  He had not previously searched for the item from home.  We have different email addresses.  My husband’s smartphone is not connected to our computer’s internet system.  Our computer and phones are with different providers using different internet systems.  That incident was unnerving, to say the least.

But unspoken thoughts?  That’s just too weird.

Maybe it’s just coincidence.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older[er] and maybe don’t have full control of my faculties any more.  Maybe all those loose marbles are finding their way into other peoples’ heads and from there into the advertising world.

Maybe I’ll soon be receiving ads suggesting items more in line with my darker thoughts.  Won’t that be fun?

Even the eggs are getting weird – I couldn’t have manufactured that bubble no matter how hard I tried!


So, you ask, why the dilemma over the title of this post?  Were you thinking evil thoughts, CM?

No, I’m not turning bad. I’m merely cutting back (cutting down/making a cut) on my work hours.  I am now working 3 days a week instead of 4.  I was finding 4 days just a bit too much, but I can’t afford to retire completely, so 3 days seems like a good compromise.

Of course, the paycheck will now be based on only 3 days a week, but I’ve done the math and should bring home just enough to meet the monthly bills, and maybe still put a tiny bit into savings.  I’m ok with that.  Working 3 days and then having 4 days off should do wonders for my health and my attitude, wouldn’t you think?

I’ll let you know how that goes.

Meanwhile, may you all stay safe and healthy, and may Mother Nature be kind to you.


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Going Squirrely

Run, Squirrel, Run!

My Remicade infusion was done, and I didn’t have to be anywhere until 4 pm.  I didn’t want to go home and disturb Puppy Cody, knowing I’d have to leave again an hour later.  Cody hates it when I leave a second time.

It’s been months since I strolled through Walton Woods Park in Amherst, New York, and I felt like being outside.  The temperature was in the mid-60s (F) – a perfect day for walking in the woods.  Today, the park was nearly empty – I don’t know if it was because of COVID-19 or merely because I was there late in the afternoon, but I enjoyed the peace and quiet.

A Good Place to Contemplate

Late Summer Trail

Tree Fallen Into Pond

Swimming Log

Purple Asters

Purple Clover on the Shore

I was hoping that because the park was so empty, I would spot a few deer.  That didn’t happen, but there were lots of squirrels:

Taking Home the Groceries

(Look carefully – it’s a different photo than the one at the head of this post.)

Scrambling Squirrel

Downward Motion

And a chipmunk:

Chipmunk Enjoying Dinner

Then, I thought I heard hoof beats – was it a deer?  No, wait, the thumps had a musical tone.  Were the deer wearing jingle bells?  Not.

For whatever reason, someone had hung some windchimes from a low branch in the middle of the woods:

Having now taken my fill of photos, it was time to head out to my 4 pm appointment.  Arriving home, I saw lots of white smoke emanating from the property at the end of the street:

CM, is your neighbor’s house on fire?

No, thank heavens.

It was the annual barbecue at the church on the corner, which started at 4 pm, and my next door neighbor had kindly given us two tickets so hubby and I could each enjoy a wonderful dinner:

Winner, Winner! Chicken Dinner!

It’s so nice to finally have good neighbors.   Life is so much easier now, at least in this neighborhood.

Hope all is well wherever you are.  Hugs to any of my readers who are in areas currently being ravaged by fire, smoke, tornadoes, hurricanes and/or coronavirus.   May you all come through safely.


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Full Moon Labor Day Weekend

The craziness continues.

Colleges have reopened, and within the first two weeks positive COVID-19 cases have escalated.  College students simply must have those off-campus parties to celebrate their entry into “adulthood.”

Government authorities are threatening to scale back reopening.  Although another lockdown is not anticipated at this time, I personally have become a little more cautious about going into public places such as grocery stores.  Last weekend, I went shopping and it was a little unnerving to see all those young people (and their parents) pushing carts filled with dorm room supplies through the parking lot – many without masks, or with masks hanging under their chins (only once out of the store, of course – the stores are still requiring that customers wear masks inside).  One such group was parked right behind me; I stayed in my vehicle until they loaded up and left.

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s wise now to purchase take-out food since many of the restaurants employ college students.  Do I really need that fish fry?  Maybe it’s time to return to eating only food that I’ve cooked myself. That’s the right way, of course.  So much safer and healthier.

But sometimes I just want those greasy, crispy french fries that only restaurants can make.


Meanwhile, life goes on.

One family member is closing on a new home today.  I keep checking the County Clerk website to see if the deed is on record yet.  Hubby and I offered to help her move over the weekend, but she declined.  Apparently, she has a lot of help already from her fiancé, his family, and friends.  I guess we’ll see the new house once they’re settled in a few weeks.  Can’t wait – it’s out in the country, nestled on over 12 acres of treed land.  My camera finger is twitching.

Another family member has decided she wants a dog (is that crazy, or what?).  Because of COVID, the shelters no long allow people to simply walk in and pick out a dog.  Now, appointments are required – and the first appointment available was the middle of September.  Most likely, the pup she saw on the website will no longer be there when the appointment rolls around, and judging by the lack of dogs available through other rescue sites, puppies and young dogs are in short supply at the moment.  Local AKC  breeders do not have any pups of the kind she wants, and future litters are already spoken for.

Did everyone suddenly decide they needed a dog while on shutdown?  Sure looks like it.

And the prices for dogs, purebred and rescues, has skyrocketed.  I couldn’t believe my eyes – almost $500 for a mixed breed whose history is unknown?!  Pet quality purebred dogs from qualified breeders are $1500-$2500, sometimes more?!  Yikes.

Finally, we found a German Shepherd breeder several hours away who has puppies that will be ready for new homes in October.  They’re not cheap, but having owned Riggsie (my purebred black German Shepherd), I know the cost is reasonable.  Besides, the family member and her beau will have a couple of nice trips out of town to see and pick out their new puppy, and then later to bring the puppy home.  And the breeder is in wine country!  Nothing like a nice wine-tour side trip!  Wish I could go with them.  I offered.  Again I was declined,

What is it with these girls and their boyfriends that they don’t want an old lady like me tagging along?


Meanwhile, Puppy Cody and I are enjoying my day off.  More or less.  Not going anywhere, just doing laundry and chores, but the weather is gorgeous.  Perhaps later I’ll take a book outside and read while Cody searches for bunnies and squirrels.

Maybe in a couple of months, Cody will have a new doggy cousin to play with in Cody’s big fenced-in yard.  After all, one can never have enough mud and doggy hair in the house.  If I let them both  into the house – there will be that new kitchen floor to consider.

So much excitement these days!  I can hardly contain myself.

Happy Friday, everyone.  If you’re here in the good old U.S.A., enjoy the upcoming Labor Day! (safely, of course)


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