Let It Rain – Inside

“This house looks familiar – were we here before?”

“Yeah, we did a door.  The electrician was here then, but the fence wasn’t”

Actually, that company also did our bathtub overfit, but it was a different crew.  Still, I found it amazing that any workman would remember an individual house when he’s probably been to hundreds of them over the last year.  Hopefully it’s a compliment – that the house was memorable, and not that its owner was a loony tunes no one could ever forget.


Every window in my house has now been replaced.  We did 7 last year, and the final 7 this week.  For the second set, we opted to go with Comfort Windows & Doors because we’ve used them a number of times before, at our old house and at our new house, and have always been happy with their work.  Plus, their quote came in slightly lower than the last window company we used (who also did an excellent job, but hey, money is money).

It was 90 degrees F that day, but the two-man crew were troopers.  They worked diligently, and then called for reinforcements early in the afternoon.  Most of the windows were upstairs, requiring that the outside trim be fitted while perched on a ladder.   The extra 4 men made the work go so much faster.

Puppy Cody was barricaded into half the living room, while I sat at my computer.  Cody is barrier-trained, so we were comfortable with merely leaning baby gates against some dining room chairs to make a “wall”.  For extra security, I kept Cody on a long leash for most of the day.

While I knew that extra men had arrived, I really wasn’t paying any attention to who was where.  Hubby had been going in and out of the house all day, so when I heard footsteps in the living room, I just figured it was him.

Until Cody growled.  And it was a nasty growl.  Scared the heck out of me.

I looked up to find one of the new men inspecting the living room window – he had been sent in to do the caulking, but hadn’t been told which windows were new and which had been done last year by the other company.  The poor guy was already a bit confused – and the dog didn’t help.

Bless Cody’s little canine heart.  She would not go past that barrier, but neither did she want some stranger in her living room while mom was not paying attention.  That growl got everyone’s attention!

Other than that, the install went smoothly, and by 4:00 pm, we had all new windows.

I had never heard of “rain” glass before.  For the two bathrooms, we had chosen the standard pebbled opaque bottom panel for privacy.  When the salesman showed me the other option – rain glass – I just knew it would be perfect for the downstairs bedroom (maybe soon to be the home office/study).  The window in that room looks out onto the side porch, and anyone could look in if the glass were clear.  Now there’s some privacy. The rain glass is not completely opaque so Cody can still look out and see if anyone is standing on the porch – she just can’t tell who it is.  That’s ok, it’s really not her job to identify people – she only needs to let us know that someone is there.

And apparently we can depend on her to do that.

After which, she’s likely to run and hide somewhere, but I’m ok with that, too.  I don’t require perfection.

Hope your weekend is peaceful and fun, or productive (whichever you prefer).  If you have a pet, give him or her a hug from Cordelia’s Mom.


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Justice Will Be Served (Finally)


Just off the presses this week – the crooked owner of Classic Fence Company has plead guilty to deliberately bilking his customers and may be going to jail (read story, here).

I didn’t realize when we signed up with Classic Fence in August 2017 that Fred DeNormand had been stiffing his clients since 2016.  I had found no negative reports in my on-line research, and he sounded so pleasant the couple of times I spoke with him on the phone.  Perfect con man!

I still wonder what made me use the credit card for that down payment.  At that time, it was a badge of honor for me to pay cash for everything – but something (or someone up there) whispered in my ear that perhaps on this one occasion, I should use the credit card “in case anything happens.”  I got my money back through the credit card company, but I suspect all those Classic Fence customers who wrote checks or paid cash will be waiting a long time for repayment.  After all, if the guy didn’t have money to pay his employees or his business taxes (I checked), how is he suddenly going to cough up nearly $140,000 to refund all those down payments?  There are judgments on record against him since 2017 – good luck collecting on those!

Meanwhile, Puppy Cody and I are enjoying our nice fenced-in yard, as you all know.  A couple of runs the full length of the yard while chasing bunnies, and Cody is ready to nap the rest of the day.

Happy Friday the 13th, Everyone!

May your day be prank-free.


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Just Flitting Around

The Fourth of July is over, folks!  You can stop with the fireworks, already.

After all the boom-booms before, on, and after the 4th of July, Puppy Cody was seriously traumatized.  While she would (reluctantly) still go out in our own backyard, taking her for walks to the local high school became more hassle than any of us needed.  It seemed that the minute we would park and she would think about jumping out, someone would blow off a cherry bomb somewhere, and it was all over.

So, we decided to take have a few no-walk days to allow Cody time to recuperate.  We didn’t want her to associate loud scary noises with the school.

At the same time, hubby decided he really needed to get away from the house, if only for a few hours.  He’s been working on household projects pretty much every weekend since we moved in last year, and just wanted one weekend off.  I was ok with that.

So, on Saturday we packed cold drinks into the car and headed up the Niagara River towards Niagara Falls.  Our intention had been to drive to the Falls, but we left late due to having to coax Cody into the yard, and due to various household tasks that still needed to be accomplished.  Plus, the fact that I am somewhat limited as to how much I can walk didn’t bode well for climbing the path at Devil’s Hole or anywhere near the brink of the Falls.

Not too far from home are several lesser parks where you can get right to the edge of the river.  We chose one on River Road in North Tonawanda – I don’t know the name of that particular area since there’s no sign.  Basically it consists of a path along the river, with lots of benches facing the water, and a small boat launch.  It’s not one of the more popular riverside parks.  Very few people – perfect for me.

Not a lot to see on this particular trip – just the butterflies and the usual ducks.  While the butterfly accommodated the photo shoot (see photo at head of post), the bumblebee I tried to photograph simply wouldn’t cooperate.  I felt it best to let him/her go on his/her way.  The ducks and gulls, as usual, love to sit and pose:

I decided to try the zoom lens on my camera.  The Niagara Falls skyline, which was extremely hard to see with the naked eye, came into focus beautifully with the zoom:

View from North Tonawanda, New York side of Niagara River – moderate zoom

High zoom view of Niagara Falls skyline from North Tonawanda side of river

Now, if only I can learn to hold that camera stead while I shoot!  I really don’t want to invest in a tripod.

After a short walk and a even shorter sit on the benches, we went for a quick dinner and then headed back home.  Not an extended day off, but relaxing nonetheless.

Come Sunday, hubby decided Cody really should get a walk – somewhere.  The school is iffy, we were afraid people might still have a few fireworks left and didn’t want Cody to refuse to ever walk at the school again.

So, we packed ourselves and Cody into the car and headed off to Walton Woods Park in Amherst.  A bit of a drive at about 20 minutes, but Cody seemed to enjoy the ride.

At the park entrance, Cody heard people talking, and balked.  It took a fair amount of encouragement to get her headed into the park instead of back to the car – and believe me, that dog is strong and stubborn!

But eventually, she began moving again.  Once along the lake, she suddenly realized there were sounds and smells she never experienced before and started trotting along quite nicely.  We tried as much as possible to keep her on the grass instead of the asphalt pathway to avoid burning her paws.

I thought sure she would jump at her first hearing of a bullfrog call – but she seemed more curious than scared.  There are lots of bullfrogs in that lake.  It sounded like one of them was right below where I was standing and I got as close to the water as possible, hoping to catch that award-winding photo.

Alas, I nearly fell in and had to abandon that plan.  Retreating to the pathway, I decided to simply take another photograph of the lake:

Fortunately, Cody became comfortable enough in her walk to do her business.  Yay!  And, there are trash cans placed strategically around the lake to dispose of that business.  Double-yay!

Even better, there are benches placed strategically around the lake for those of us who need to rest often.  Triple-yay!  And a huge thanks to the Town of Amherst or Walton Woods Homeowner Association, whichever one is responsible for those strategic placements.

I love that little park.  I especially love that you pretty much have to already know where it is in order to find it – there are no Walton Woods signs at the entrance (unless the locals removed them to maintain privacy, which is very possible).  I don’t even remember how we found it.  I think we just happened at some point to see people walking into the woods between the library and the policy station and wondered where that path went … and decided to find out.

I’m glad we did.  It’s my little go-to park.

All-in-all, a nice relaxing weekend.  Hope yours was, too!


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My [Paperclip] Cup Runneth Over

While it certainly was annoying to get to the office and discover the air conditioning had died and the interior temperature was 88° F – just two days after the AC had originally died and been “fixed” – it was really nice when the boss arrived an hour later and told everyone they could leave. My first inkling of that was when I read his email to the building management indicating that due to the high temperature in the office, “no clients can come in, and staff has been encouraged to go home.”

Don’t gotta tell me twice!

It was an added plus that I would not have to spend a good part of my day digitally archiving files and then sending the physical files for shredding, as we attempt to weed out really old files and save storage space.

When we first started the shredding project, I thought all paperclips and clasps had to be removed from the files.  Several hundred clips had been accumulated before someone thought to call the shredding company and learned that we could send the files in toto – clips were not a problem.


Looking at the pile of accumulated metal brought to mind my “household items” posts (remember?  cotton balls? toilet paper?).

What can you do with paper clips, other than the obvious?

Well ….

As a young woman sharing my first apartment with several other young women, none of whom had any money for decorations, paper clips were used to make a divider between the living room and the dining area.  They actually were quite attractive, especially during parties when they caught the candle light.  Perhaps not quite so attractive towards the end of the parties when those people who had imbibed a bit too much found it difficult to negotiate an untangled path through that divider.  Also, not so attractive when the landlord found that decoration and freaked out because 1) paper clip chains are HEAVY, and 2) we had attached those chains to the ceiling using cup hooks, leaving holes which would have to be repaired.

Lucky for us, our respective employers never found out we were smuggling those clips home in our purses!

Ah well, young, poor, and stupid.

At least, we never tried to make jewelry out of paperclips, although I’m sure it could be (and probably has been) done.

As an aficionado of mindless vidoegames, I’ve learned that paperclips come in handy when locked out of a house:

Or locked into a room (especially a Victorian room):

Those games have also taught me that if a zipper breaks on any article of clothing or carryall, the simplest repair is a paperclip:

Fortunately, I don’t play any violent videogames.  Otherwise, I might be forced during gameplay to use an unwound paperclip as a weapon (through the eye or up the nose, into the brain).

Of course, no “household items” post is complete without the requisite internet search.  Click here for a history of paperclips – which apparently have been around since the late 1880s (I would have thought longer, but then what do I know?).  That article also points out another paperclip use which I had forgotten – as a “long, thin object” to reset a button on a Smartphone or other device, or to eject an SIM card.

So much for today’s decorating and history lesson.  I must go untangle those chains I put together for the photo shoot.  Teddy Rosalie wasn’t thrilled to sit behind the “curtain” – but Puppy Cody refused to sit still at all.

Another week down, folks.  Enjoy your weekend.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom

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