May Day!

Who would have thought the lockdown would last so long, and it may be awhile longer yet.  Current deadline for New York’s PAUSE order is May 15, but while New York City’s virus numbers are falling, here in Erie County they’re still climbing.  Somewhat dramatically.  Erie County’s number of positive cases is already higher than that in some states.

I got all excited when I found disposable face masks and gloves “in stock” on Amazon, so I ordered some.  It was only later than I learned they were coming from China.  That was a couple of weeks ago, and according to the tracking information, they’re still in China.  Probably the pandemic will be over before they ever get to me.

Of course, I can always make my own masks.  It’s not that hard.  But I’m also not all that energetic, and I don’t have a sewing machine.  So I went back on Amazon and found some cloth masks that ship from right here in the good old USA.  They were, in fact, shipped within 24 hours, and hopefully are on their way to me right now.

Meanwhile, I try to stay in as much as possible.  There’s plenty to do in my own house and in my own yard, and certainly it’s safer here.

I wonder about certain neighbors who insist on having mini-block parties whenever the temperature rises over 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  No masks, kids (and adults) running from house to house.  Didn’t they get the memo?  But at least they’re far enough away that their activities don’t really impact me.  The closest I get is if I have to drive by on the way to a medical appointment.

Not much happening this week.  It’s been rainy most days, and the back yard is a swamp.  There was one nice day during which hubby and I managed to clean up the weedy front yard.  It’s still too cold to put new flowers in, and I’m thinking I may not bother at all this year, other than to maybe get a couple of free-standing planters.  We’ll see.

Meanwhile, I can enjoy the buds coming out elsewhere:

Yes, we’ve managed to get Puppy Cody out occasionally, although now that we know dogs can also get COVID-19, we always wipe her paws with disinfecting wipes before she gets back in the car.  I could maybe handle it if one of us got sick, but not the dog – never the dog!

Enough for today.

May everyone stay safe and healthy.  The end may be in sight.


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A Little Treat for My Readers

It won’t cure, nor prevent, any disease, but it sure can add a bit of cheer to an otherwise bad, or sad, or simply bored day.

See the creamy goodness dripping down?  Imagine the icy sweetness, the gooey chocolate syrup, the crunch of the M&Ms, topped by an abundance of real whipped cream.  I made it with love, for all of you.

(Knowing I could eat the prop after the photo shoot didn’t hurt, either.)

Dig in and enjoy!  Along with virtual ice cream sundaes, I give you all virtual hugs.


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My, the weeks sure are piling up!  The lockdown in New York State has been extended to May 15.

Days are spent sleeping late, eating too much, hanging around doing not much of anything – finally, I’m living the dog’s life!  I always knew her life was better than mine.

Someday maybe I’ll be bored enough to take up basket weaving (isn’t that an awesome photo?), but not yet.  I have lots of cookbooks to work through, hundreds of video games to play, and lots of cleaning and household stuff to do.

Of course, eating well sometimes means eating simply:

Ham-Egg-Cheese Sandwich with Chips

After such a hearty brunch, it’s time to check the old bank account.  Yep, still doing ok, thanks to New York State Unemployment, with the added U.S. Government funds (an extra $600 a week!  I’m making more staying home than I ever did working), and the monthly Social Security.  Fortunately, hubby and I also had enough sense pre-pandemic to put some money into savings.  We’ll get by without too much hardship.  My heart goes out to those who were living paycheck to paycheck and are currently having trouble getting their unemployment funds in place – and to those essential workers who are risking their own health on a daily basis while still receiving the same pay they got before (and in at least one case I know, an essential worker whose pay was cut by 5% – WTF!).


The weather is still crappy, and weird.  All week it’s been cold and either raining or snowing.  Some days it was snowing while the sun was out.  One day there was a hail storm:

Hail Storm! (April 21, 2020)

Hail Storm – View to South

Hail Storm! My Poor Car.

Hail Storm – Windshield Closeup

Five minutes after that storm, the sun came out and melted the ice.

Bear in mind that this is the third week in April, when we could reasonably expect mild weather and new blossoms.  The grass has grown a bit and a few tough dandelions are struggling through the mud, but mostly it’s just yucky out there.

So, still not much incentive (for me at least) to go on a  nature walk outside my own backyard.

Puppy Cody seems to be ok with that.  The few times we’ve taken her over to the local school for a longer walk, she didn’t really seem to enjoy it all that much.  I’m not sure if that’s because she doesn’t like getting her feet wet, or if she’s just become so accustomed to our own property that she feels uncomfortable elsewhere.  We’ll occasionally take her anyway, but she does get plenty of exercise chasing bunnies and squirrels on our own property.

BTW, I pulled out our property survey and measured the property lines.  A walk all the way around the perimeter of the backyard is about 500 feet – just under 1/10 mile.  I figure if I walk that perimeter every time I take Cody out, I’ll be getting a fair amount of exercise even though I’m at home.  With mud and snow acting as friction, the walk is a bit more strenuous.  With luck, by the time the weather does warm up, I’ll be able to trot around that yard (won’t that be fun for the neighbors to watch?), and certainly I’ll be ready to resume my walks in the park.

The good news is:  Hubby just returned from the grocery store and tells me most items have been at least partially restocked.  Hopefully, that’s an indication that the crisis is at the beginning of the end.

How’s it by you?


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I stopped waiting for my ship to come in – with my luck, if it did come, the crew would all be COVID-19 positive.

Yes, that’s politically incorrect humor – but these days, any humor may be welcome.

In New York State, the lockdown has  been extended to May 15.  I’m ok with that, actually.  Better to be safe at home for someone with like me, who’s in an immunocompromised condition.  The good-vs-evil scenario between our country’s President and the various state governors has provided much needed entertainment; in New York State, most of us are grateful we have a strong, smart governor who takes no sh*t from anyone, but does so while maintaining his composure and while keeping politics on the sidelines where they belong during a crisis.  Sure, our economy has temporarily tanked, but the continued lockdown will keep some of us alive who may not have survived otherwise; living people will eventually bring the economy back, and only living people can vote.  I don’t think New York’s Gov.  Cuomo  cares much about future voters (as he stated, 600 people died just yesterday; this is not a political conspiracy).  Personally, I don’t want to go back to work until it is totally safe to do so.


Life here with Puppy Cody goes on.  Poor pup’s learning to keep still, more or less patiently, during a photo shoot:


Until, of course, she’s had enough.   Today’s shoot was short-lived.  She was in the process of jumping up as I took that last photo.  Once up, she made sure I couldn’t catch her again.

Didn’t want to go out much today – believe it or not, despite it being the middle of April, we had enough snow to cover the ground.  It’s gone now, but it’s still cold – and muddy.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Meanwhile, I take whatever photos I can inside.  Hence, the dog pictures and the top photo (which I call “Juxtaposition“).  And the good news is, I can sometimes devour my props (not the dog, people! never the dog!).

Speaking of eating, we’re doing lots more home cooking:

Pork Chops with Onions and Gravy

And I’ve learned to use yeast for baking:

Feather Rolls (recipe in “The Fannie Farmer Cookbook”, page 526)

Gotta go.  Hubby wants some more of those feather rolls.  Who would’ve thought lazy old me would become a bread baker?  But to be honest: those rolls are the easiest thing ever – no kneading or rolling required!

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.  This all will pass eventually.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio


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