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It’s pouring down rain today, and I’m waiting for the bathroom renovations to start. Good day for a re-post, wouldn’t you say?

Cordelia's Mom, Still

WritingHealsWe have a new washer & dryer.  The old dryer had the lint filter at the bottom behind the door, but the  new dryer has the lint filter at the top under the  controls.  We have had the new dryer for more than a month, and I still find myself, after every single load, reaching into the bottom of the dryer to remove the lint.

My husband, for whatever reason (at 3:00 a.m.), decided to move the  refrigerator  from one end of the kitchen to the other.  It’s a small kitchen so distance is not a problem. However, I used to be able to stand at the stove, simply turn halfway around, and then reach into the fridge.  I could continue stirring whatever I was cooking on the stove during the entire process.  Now, of course, there’s nothing across from the stove but bare wall, and I’m still…

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When Push Came to Shove

This tub and door are being ripped out and replaced next week! Yay! The tile will also be replaced, with bead board.

“The client hates you and now I have to eat that $50!”

The client in question had been a bitch on wheels throughout the entire real estate deal.  On the day of closing, she had decided that she wanted her sales proceeds wired instead of deposited.  There was no time to re-do the closing statement.  She had previously been advised, both verbally and by email, that there would be a $50 fee to wire proceeds, and she had opted against that at the time, so surely she knew we would charge that fee now.  Due to the tight time frame, no one thought to call the client – again – to advise of the wire fee.  The file was already with the closer.

On every real estate sale, we hold a $250 water escrow pending payment of the final bill, so one of the attorneys suggested taking the $50 from the water escrow and doing a revised closing statement later.  Unfortunately, this advice was not in writing and afterwards the attorney “did not recall” making that suggestion.  The post-closing package that normally goes out to the clients would include a revised closing statement, but due to the overwhelming workload, the clerk responsible for that package had not gotten to it before the client went ballistic and called The Boss.  The client threatened to file a grievance with the Bar Association.

And all the grief came down on me, as I was the paralegal handling the file.  I could have done more.  I should have done more. Perfection was expected at all times.

It was the final straw.  I already was not sleeping, and when I did sleep I had nightmares about work – did I miscalculate an adjustment on a closing statement, did I forget to send out a status report to one of the clients, had any of the clients misunderstood anything I had told them, was everyone everywhere totally happy with me?  Have I been complying with the extremely regimented office protocol?  Was I following the bathroom rules?

At 3:00 am, I made the decision.  I am 65 and will be 66 in early 2018.  I would quit now, live off the proceeds from the sale of my prior house, and apply for Social Security next year.  Of course, I would still have to work, but I could supplement Social Security with just a part-time job.  Heck, I could be a Walmart greeter and survive, and I certainly would be much happier.

The next day I gave my two weeks’ notice, and I slept like a baby that next night.

My intention is to take a couple of months off while dealing with household construction and medical issues, and then find something for, at most, 4 days a week – in  a support role where someone else has ultimate responsibility for the final outcome.  Most likely, it will not be in the legal field – but hopefully, will be a job that can use my extensive experience and skills.

Only time will tell.  Am I a little scared?  Absolutely.  I have never left a job without having something else lined up, and jobs are not easy to find when one is a senior citizen.  The proceeds from the sale of my prior home will not last forever.

On the up side:  The Boss is trying very hard to come up with some kind of part-time position that I can live with, assuming I’m willing to stay in that office at all.  I’m not totally opposed to that.  After all, some income, even in a less than desirable environment, is better than no income in an ideal environment.

Again, time will tell.  For now, I’m looking forward to two months of absolute nothingness.

Now, that’s the life!


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Lowe’s Loses – Again

“Hi, this is Ashley from Lowe’s.  I’m following up on your online order …”

“Oh, you mean the one we never received?”

And so began Part II.  Poor Ashley had to listen to me retell the entire tragic adventure of the missing online order.  Ashley could tell I was not a happy Lowe’s customer, but she assured me that the order was in the store waiting for pick-up.  To which I responded, “You find someone to get that item in their hands and call me back when they’re actually looking at it.”

She did.  She called me back a few minutes later – the item was in Receiving and would be brought to Customer Service for me to pick up.

Guess I’m just a glutton for punishment.  Come Saturday, I drove back to that same Lowe’s store. I had Target shopping to do anyway, and Target is in the same plaza.

Well, guess who couldn’t find the order at the Customer Service desk, nor in Receiving, nor in the back storage area?  Even the store computer had been updated to indicate the item was being brought from Receiving to the front desk.  I waited about 20 minutes and finally told the middle-aged cashier I was going to do my Target shopping and he could call me once the order was physically at the pick-up desk and he was, in fact, looking at it.

I texted my husband to let him know I was still empty handed.  His texted response was “Kill them.”  My next thought was I hope no other irate customer went Postal because that text could really get me in trouble someday.

I took my time at Target, even though my hopes of receiving a call from Lowe’s anytime before I died was nil.

When my phone actually rang while I was still at Target, I nearly dropped the package of lightbulbs I was about to put in my cart.  My order was at the Lowe’s Customer Service desk!

Upon return to Lowe’s, I couldn’t resist asking where they finally found my order.  The cashier blushed.  The item had been logged in as being in Aisle 30A in the back room – but was found in Aisle 29.  A total of 6 people had been looking for that order, and no one thought to check the adjacent aisle?!

Needless to say, I am still never, ever again going to order anything online from Lowe’s.

And on top of that – the darn thing doesn’t fit and will need to be returned.  Why can things never be easy?


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Does Not Work Well With Others

What a great post! Do you work well with others? I know I don’t. Enjoy!

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Chasing Unicorns

This vehicle, at the outdoor museum in Goff’s, California, does not work well with others.
I usually got good grades in school. But there was one grade I never scored well at. I never achieved an “O” for “Outstanding” at working well with others. In fact, some of my teachers criticized me for this lack of social skills. Damn you Miss Durklemeyer!

But now that I’m much older I realize that it isn’t just me. Nobody works well with others. Not even Miss Durklemeyer.

This has been very evident to me while dealing with some recent challenges. Early this month my father-in-law, Jake, passed away. And he passed away at an inconvenient time. Damn you Jake! Had Jake been more cooperative, he would have stuck around to deal with the aftermath of an uncooperative tenant.

This tenant had been evicted from one of Jake’s rentals just a week before Jake…

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