Puppy Cody misses Mehitabel (may she rest in peace). Mehitabel could always be counted on for just the right viewpoint. Thanks, Anne Belov, for sharing Mehitabel with us through the collaborated posts.

Cordelia's Mom, Still


(Joint Post by Anne Belov & Cordelia’s Mom)


It’s so hard to give enough attention to your first charge after the second one arrives.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADear Mehitabel [Boss Cat],

Now that I’m big, my mom doesn’t love me any more.  Sure, she still feeds me, gives me water, takes me for walks and plays with me.  But she used to take lots and lots of pictures of me, and now she’s taking pictures of that teddy bear instead.  I don’t even know where she got the stupid thing.  She even gave it a name – “Teddy Rosalie.”

I hear she’s planning to go on someting called “photo shoots” with some of our three girls and the teddy bear – without me!

I’d love to tear the stuffing out of it, but Mom keeps it way up high where I can’t reach it.

What do you think…

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It’s hard to be depressed about a “big” birthday, when the mail brings something like this:




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GRAMPS (Guest Post by Paul Curran)

Several times a week, readers come to this site specifically to read Paul Curran’s guest posts. Today’s re-blog is the one they view the most. At the time he wrote it, Paul expressed his concern that it might not fit in with the tenor of this blog – but, in fact, it has become the single most-viewed post on the entire Cordelia’s Mom, Still site. Enjoy – and remember. Happy Easter, Everyone.

Cordelia's Mom, Still

Paul Curran has decided to try his hand at fiction, and I am proud that he is sharing his first effort with my readers.  It’s a little longer than our usual offerings, but well worth the read, so get into a comfy chair, and – Enjoy!



By Paul Curran


Shawna’s thick black hair bounced as she threw her kit bag into the trunk of the Lexus and slammed the lid shut. She was not pleased about this outing, but really had no choice. As a grad student studying marine biology with a specialty in tidal flora and fauna, this field trip and the lab work and report that followed were worth 25% of her final mark in this course. Today they were gathering samples of micro-organisms on the Flanagan tidal flats at low tide. She was meeting her lab partner and the other 8 students at the flats…

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Happy Birthday, Cordelia’s Mom!

“So, what are you doing on your birthday THIS year, CookieCakes?” Well, let’s see – I have the day off from work (one of the few perks of my “new” job). Slept in a bit, got woken up by Puppy Cody’s special birthday kiss (or maybe she just wanted her breakfast), then spent the day scrubbing the stove and refrigerator (how they got so disgusting is a story for another day). Heard from all 3 daughters (yay for texting!), and yes, they ignored my request again this year and tell me they all have gifts to bring over. Hope it’s wine …

Cordelia's Mom, Still


My family never listens to me.

I told them I was most definitely not celebrating my birthday this year as there have been too many of them already!

But I’ll forgive them – because, hey — WINE!

Let the celebration begin!



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