Dare Me?

Lunch Break

oooo, it has a lens cap!”

I’m sure the camera salesman chuckled all evening over the silly blogger lady who spent mucho bucks to buy a “real” camera with lots of features she’ll never figure out how to use.  But he did ask for the URL for my blog site, so I’ll forgive him.

And I suspect that at least some of those people who have faved and repicced my photos on Flickr and YouPic are probably photography teachers who plan to use my pictures as perfect examples of what not to do.  But as long as I get those views, I’ll forgive them, too.

And I intend to keep on doing it.

‘Cause it’s fun.

Maybe someday spring will actually arrive, and then photography will be even funner – bringing warmer weather to give me some motivation to take outside pictures for a change.  One can only hope.

BTW – the fence has been scheduled for installation at the end of May, on the assumption the ground will be dry by then.  If it doesn’t snow, and if the spring rains aren’t torrential.  Fingers crossed.  Puppy Cody needs to run.

TGIF, Everyone!

Cody refused to pose – this is her stand-in.


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It’s Amazing What You Can Do If You Try

Please welcome a brand new blogger. I’m sure we all remember those first few posts when we wondered if we would get ANY followers. It appears her site doesn’t currently allow comments, but certainly you can click the “like” button to let her know she has, in fact, been found!

ADDENDUM – I was mistaken.  There is, in fact, a comments section!  So I am closing comments here – please leave your comments on Annette’s site.

Inspiring Images

its amazinghp

So I am still at the early stages of this blog.  Still fearful, still reticent, still wondering why I am doing this.  Will anybody find my blog?  Will anybody like my work enough to keep coming back?  But most of my photographs have come into existence because they are advice to myself.  That I then don’t take!  So I am making a concerted effort to take my own advice and see where it takes me.  I am so afraid it won’t take me anywhere.  And that no one will see my work.  And that is the most frustrating thing.  But f I don’t try, I will never know.  And like I said, it is amazing what one can do if we just try!

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Little White Lies

I try to be honest in everything I do.  Really, I do.  But sometimes, for whatever reason, honesty just doesn’t happen.

Sometime I lie to myself. I refuse to drink the tap water at the new house because I’m concerned about the ancient pipes underground. We even use bottled water for cooking.  Even though we had the water lines inside the house replaced, there are still those galvanized pipes coming in from the street.  We spend mucho bucks stocking up on bottled water.

But then I’ll get a taste for “good” coffee and stop at a local establishment for that fresh brewed java – which, of course, is made with the same tap water I refuse to drink.

Even the bottled water is a lie.  It turns out the water I purchase isn’t spring water but “filtered water” to which a dash of lime has been added.  Where does the filtered water originate?  You guessed it – the same Great Lakes water I refuse to drink out of the tap.

Does all that make me dishonest, or a hypocrite, or just plain naïve?  I don’t know, nor do I care.  I like my particular brand of water and that occasional “fresh” coffee.

I tell myself that THIS weekend, I’ll grab that new camera and get out there to do some photography!  Then it snows, or rains, or merely stays bitterly cold, and I opt to stay in my sweats all day playing videogames.  And drinking “filtered” lime water.

Lies, all lies.

S0, what prompted this post at this time, you ask?  What made me think of myself as not truly honorable at all times?

It was a silly thing.  I was shopping at Walmart on my Friday off, around lunch time.  As I was waiting in line, the next register opened and the white-haired lady in front of me and I both turned our carts to that new register.  I got there first.

Just as I started unloading my cart to the conveyor belt, it occurred to me that the other lady had, in fact, been in line in front of me, so I asked her to please go ahead in the new line.  She laughed and said no, I could go first, because — she’s retired and is in absolutely no hurry.

Now, I could have insisted she go first, and I could have let her know that I, too, was in no hurry as it was my day off.  But I opted to let her think I was a fully employed person rushing through Walmart on her lunch hour, and I thanked her and went ahead.

I suppose that makes me a bit of a liar, but I prefer to think I made that lady feel good about herself for letting a needier person save a few precious moments on a busy workday.

Perspective is everything.

I rounded out my Friday by treating myself to Burger King (another lie to myself – I really don’t have the money to spare, nor do I need those calories!), where – surprise – I ordered coffee with my meal.  Burger King is a block from my house, and I’m sure they use the same water line.  The drive-through clerk accidentally gave me a large coffee while charging for a medium.  I did not insist on paying the difference – and I enjoyed every last drop.

Happy Sunday, folks.  May the new week be an honest week.


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Happy Easter!

HEY, HEY – It’s the Cody Bunny!

Happy Easter, Everyone!


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Image by Cordelia’s Mom


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