Oh, Hell – Not Another B.S. Award!

As a special thanks to those who faithfully read my posts (and who sometimes comment within 5 minutes of publication), and to those who have been especially supportive of my blog, I have created the [totally self-serving] Cordelia’s Mom, Still Enthusiasm Award (aw, shucks).




My special nominees for the Cordelia’s Mom, Still Enthusiasm Award are (in no particular order):

[ADDENDUM: And a special thanks to Paul, who is one of my faithful readers and commenters, but who doe not have a blog of his own (yet).]

I will not be sending out email notifications to the above bloggers.  If they don’t see this post, then I guess they’re not as enthusiastic as I believe them to be.  Unless, of course, they’ve neglected to re-subscribe to the email  notifications, thank you very much MailChimp.

But this award is not limited to just those nominees.  If you really love this blog, and wish to show that love, feel free to add the award image to your own pages, or post it on Facebook, or whatever.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the process, to obtain the image – just right-click on it and save it to your desktop.  Then use it on your blog however you wish.

The only requirement to accepting this award is that you link the image back to me (the URL will come up in your browser when you left-click on the image, or you can just link back to this post).

Go for it, people!  Show me your love!


I love to hear from my readers.  You may comment on this post, comment on my Facebook page, or email me at cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com


Image by Cordelia’s Mom

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18 Responses to Oh, Hell – Not Another B.S. Award!

  1. Paul says:

    Umm, I don’t have a blog to post it to. How come nobody ever gives dedicated readers an award? That’s what I’d like to know. Huh? Huh? Sheeesh, I’m low mainenance (you don’t have to read my blog in return), I give thoughful commentary (sometimes) because I don’t have to run off and tend my own blog), If you don’t like my comments you can delete them (unlike other bloggers who can post what they want and you can’t do a thing), and you don’t have to give me any recognition or even awards. Sigh. Ours is the life of the unappreciated. **small sniffles** I’ll be OK. Really.


    • You know, I actually wanted to include you in the list, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to link it since you don’t have a blog of your own. Now you have a reason to start a blog (as if you didn’t already have a reason). Give me a few minutes, and I’ll add a note to the post recognizing you. Check it out. (Maybe you could print the image out and frame it?)


  2. Doobster418 says:

    I am truly honored that you would include me in your list, but, alas, I will not post your badge on my blog because I have officially declared my blog to be a no awards zone blog. I did so in order to award my blog the coveted Doobster Award, which can only be awarded to blogs that don’t accept blog awards. http://mindfuldigressions.com/2013/12/29/the-doobster-award/

    But it is, nonetheless, an honor and a privilege to receive your recognition, along with all of the other bloggers you noted, some of whom I have yet to read.

    As to Paul, he keeps on saying that he doesn’t have his own blog because he has an old computer with Windows XP, or something like that, and he therefore can’t set up a blog. Yet, he is apparently using that old computer to read and post comments to other blogs. So clearly he is just a lazy bum who has no original thoughts of his own and trolls WordPress all day and all night looking for other blogs on which to make his comments.

    Just bustin’ your chops, Paul. I enjoy and appreciate your comments, as we all do.


    • I knew you were an awards-free blog, but I didn’t want to exclude you since you are apparently one of my most avid readers (well, at least until I write something you don’t like). Thank you for acknowledging my self-serving post!

      PS: Damn, now I can’t get the Doobster award.


  3. OOO! I want to be an awards free blog, but of course I’ll take this one, but due to my big hairy paws and general ineptitude, I will probably not post the badge on my site..beside…I don’t see a badge. What am I missing? Are you sure that you didn’t post us in order of importance, cause, just saying, I’m in the #2 spot, you know? Right after Cordelia?
    If I don’t post the badge can I get the Doobster award for the Panda Chronicles? Pandas like awards, we just don’t want to do any of the work that comes with them. Unless there is cake.
    We will do anything for cake.


    • Hey, the image (I don’t know why everyone is calling it a “badge”) is right in the middle of the page, just above the list of my nominees. It looks like a mini-header with red letters written on it. Perhaps it didn’t download properly?

      If I posted the list in order of importance, you would be first (and now I’ve made everyone else on the list mad at me!)

      BTW, if you choose the Doobster award over my award, I will be very upset and forced to smother my sorrows in cuppycakes. And I might never comment on Doobster’s posts ever again. 🙂


      • Um… I was busy reading your mellifluous prose, and just completely passed by the ..um…badge thingie. And I wouldn’t DREAM of telling your daughter that you would rank my blog in importance above hers.

        If you are going to drown your sorrows in cuppycakes, let me know and I’ll come over and um…help.


  4. Archon's Den says:

    Five minutes?? You’ve got more attentive followers than I do. Hell, I’m already down 10 comments here, but I’m still grabbin’ my copy and run. Thanx. My somewhat addled response should be up in a couple of days. 🙂


    • Once I published a post and IMMEDIATELY had a comment – like, it was almost simultaneous. That was very early on and really freaked me out (who the hell is watching me, and why?). If not being first really bothers you, just note: I usually publish my posts on Thursdays at 7:00 am Eastern Time – if you’re really eager, you can be at the head of the comment line this week. 🙂


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  7. Do I still get the award months later? Did Doobster take mine?


  8. Well, of course you still get your award – there’s no time limit! I’m honored that you would even ask.

    As for Doobster, he has declined, claiming he does not accept awards of any kind. But I still think it’s because he just doesn’t like me. 😦


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