Want Me?

Yes, you can hire Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalie Studio for her writing, proofreading, formatting, reviewing or photography capabilities!

Really love this blog?  Are the posts funny, snarky, heartwarming, enticing?  Do they always rise above your expectations?  How about the formatting?  Does the page layout strike you as eye candy? Are you enjoying the original photographs?

If you are looking for a unique writer,  unbiased beta reader, exceptional formatter, or awesome photographer for your blog or publication, shoot me a quick email:  cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com.

Rates are negotiated on a per-project basis.

The only caveat is that, while I am happy to edit or format another’s work for a fee, and I will (and can) write on pretty much any subject, and will even write anonymously if so desired, I will not ghost-write under someone else’s name, and I will not slant my words to meet someone else’s viewpoint.  I will not endorse any services or products that I don’t personally believe in.  Everything else can be worked out between us.

And you might even learn my real, legal name (woo-hoo)!

Come and get it!



Images by Cordelia’s Mom/Teddy Rosalie Studio

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