The end is near.

The COVID-19 pandemic is coming under control.  At least for the moment, the infection and hospitalization rates are declining.

Here in Western New York, we have started reopening by phases; currently, we are in Phase I, which includes manufacturing and construction.   Should all go well in Phase I over a two-week period, we will then reach Phase II, which includes pretty much everything except restaurants and large entertainment/recreational venues.

Phase II means I will have to go back to work.  I’m not sure I want to go back to work.  I’m enjoying my time off.

Of course, one of the reasons I’m enjoying my time off is that I’m receiving New York State unemployment as well as the enhanced Federal unemployment benefits.  Once Phase II arrives and I am asked to return to work, if I don’t return to work, those benefits will terminate.

Like everyone else, I have bills to pay.  So I guess I’ll be returning to work within the next couple of weeks.

Just my luck that reopening occurs when the weather has finally gone from winter to late spring.  Just when I was thinking how nice it would be to spend time outdoors with my camera.  Maybe even somewhere other than my own backyard.

Busy, busy, busy.

On the other hand, a return to work might be a good thing.  It would get me out of the house (finally) and give me something to do other than baking and playing videogames.

The good news is, I received an email from my employer indicating that I do, in fact, still have a job and my return to the office will be welcome.  It’s always nice to  be wanted.

Meanwhile, I’m busy, as I said, cooking, baking, playing videogames – and catching up on my backlog of reading materials.  This week, I even volunteered to beta read a couple of soon-to-be-published novels.  Normally, I get paid for beta reading, but hey, we’re in a pandemic and no one has extra cash floating around.  Am I good person or what?

REMINDER TO READERS:   You can still hire me to beta read/proofread.  After the pandemic, I’ll be running an introductory sale – your first beta reading/proofreading project is free; after that, my rates are very reasonable and well below the current market.  My email is cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com.  Go for it!

BTW, you might want to clarify who you are when you send me manuscripts; too many of you have similar names and/or email addresses, which can be confusing especially if two of you similarly named people send me manuscripts at the same time (as recently happened).  In all cases, it would be wise to email me before sending any materials, to check on my current availability.


This is Memorial Day weekend here in the United States.  Hopefully, people won’t go crazy, ignore social distancing, and refuse to wear masks.  Such negligence would likely result in a resurgence of the virus and  force us back into lockdown.

So, everyone, enjoy your holiday but stay diligent and safe.  We can all do that for a few more weeks, right?

Always remember those who have lost their lives, and those who have fought so hard to keep the rest of us alive.


I love to hear from my readers. You may comment on this post, comment on my Facebook or Twitter pages, or email me at cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com
Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio



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20 Responses to FURLOUGHED: Week Ten

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Enjoy the couple time you have away. I suspect it will feel weird but old to go back.


  2. BEEautiful photo, CM. Enjoy the rest of the holiday! _へ__(‾◡◝ )>


  3. markbialczak says:

    Enjoy the heck out of these next two weeks, CM. The weather really is turning for the good! Our return-to-the-building is happening very slowly, so I have a lot of work-from-home remaining in my future as we phase in. Keep those masks on in public, everyone. Keep that six-foot bubble. The virus isn’t acting any different, we are!


    • Good way to put it, Mark. We’re acting differently, not the virus. I plan to stay as safe as possible. Fortunately, my office is well spread out so no one needs to be within 6 feet of each other, and I can get into and out of the building without running into other people, at least most of the time, especially if I use the back staircase (the one that was originally used by the mansion’s servants).


  4. nickc324 says:

    That’s good of you to read over the novels for others. I’m glad you have been enjoying the time, and I hope you have a great weekend.


  5. Trent Lewin says:

    You are a good person, and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me on my book. It’s incredibly generous. I will keep my promise to you, sent by email. Thank you so much, CM!


  6. joey says:

    I’m glad I’ve been able to work at work this month, because it makes life feel a bit more normal for me, plus it’s a welcome distraction. YMMV, but I’m glad you’ve got a job to return to if you want.
    The weather finally turned this weekend and I was so happy to be outside in the sun 😀


  7. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Enjoy the weekend, CM. I am!! Just got back from my Chiropractor’s office and got one of the best adjustments of my life. OH the relief. I also hope you are no longer putting disinfectant on your dog’s paws. That will only end up burning his sensitive skin on his paws and when he licks it off it will be toxic to his body. CDC officially said TODAY animals cannot get this virus. xo


    • We have other issues with the dog at the moment, Amy. Cody stole a piece of laundry and was running around the house enthusiastically, enjoying her theft. In the process, she apparently got her foot caught in the clothing and twisted her leg. Nothing’s broken, but she limped around for a couple of days. Today, she’s better so we took her for a short walk at the school, which she seemed to enjoy. I believe hubby and I will both be back to work next week, so Cody will have plenty of time to rest during the day.

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