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Storm of the Century, December 2022

I’ve been getting emails from many of my blogging friends (even from some in countries on the other side of the world!), asking about the historic snowstorm here in Buffalo, New York. I’m touched by everyone’s concern.  We are fine.  … Continue reading

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Meet Teddy Rosalie

Collaborated Post #3 revolved around Puppy Cody’s interactions with Teddy Rosalie, and it occurred to me that some of my more recent followers may not know who Teddy Rosalie is. So, before publishing the next in the Collaborated Posts series, … Continue reading

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Like a Delicate Hot-House Flower

These days, I find that photography and writing go hand-in-hand. If I don’t have any new photos, I’m unable to think of a post story.  At the same time, if I don’t have any story ideas, I have no reason … Continue reading

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Head Stitches

Great title, isn’t it?  Guess it caught your interest if you’re still with me. Not to worry:  I am not injured; I have merely expanded my new hobby to include crocheted hats.  In addition to the model pictured above, I … Continue reading

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