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Me and 23

God, I hope I don’t get sued for that title! Anyway. Having run out of ideas for posts, I was very happy when I came across Laura’s (Riddle from the Middle) post, “23 random facts about yours truly” which she … Continue reading

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I wanna go, too! Pleeeese, Mommy?

sigh. But Teddy Rosalie was within her rights.  She’s been cooped up way too much for way too long, and it was a nice autumn day – cool enough that someone who insists on wearing a sweater 24/7 wouldn’t pass … Continue reading

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What Is It?

Ok, all you plant lovers! Time to play “What Is It?“ I saw this flower while walking Cody over at the high school.  It was small, close to the ground, in an area full of goldenrod and other wildflowers.  However, … Continue reading

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Why I Burned My Breakfast

Yes, those are the eggs that were left on the stove way too long, and thus became inedible.  As was the bagel, which was left too long in the toaster. Why? you ask. It wasn’t because Puppy Cody was misbehaving.  … Continue reading

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