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Call of Duty

Originally posted on Behind the White Coat:
How do we stay connected as humans beings as we retreat from our patients and from each other behind gloves and masks and face shields? I have been pondering this. Back in the…

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Originally posted on Cordelia's Mom, Still:
CORDELIA’S MOM’S WORDS OF PSEUDO-WISDOM: Don’t allude to puppies for two weeks prior to Valentine’s Day and then give your loved one a card and a candy bar instead. *** HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!…

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Six Blogging Tips That I Ignore

Originally posted on Renard's World:
Six Have you ever ignored certain types of blogging advice from blogging experts? Oh, I have ignored some of their advice (Especially those that I do not agree with). And, I am making an…

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Let there be warm things…

Originally posted on Ryl's Rostrum:
So I have talked about my knitting… and lately I am working on stuff that I have available for sale. Finding a decent venue to sell it is another challenge.  I am lucky if…

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