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Call of Duty

Originally posted on Behind the White Coat:
How do we stay connected as humans beings as we retreat from our patients and from each other behind gloves and masks and face shields? I have been pondering this. Back in the…

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I promised myself I wouldn’t do this: use my blog site as a personal diary. But current events are just so much crazier than anything I could come up with in my own imagination. Welcome to 2020, the year the … Continue reading

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Why Dogs Are Bad For Your Health (Re-Blog)

I will  have a post soon on my job hunting efforts.  Meanwhile, as I listened late last night to the neighbor kids running amok in the street after dark – dodging traffic while riding hoverboards, bikes and scooters, and flying … Continue reading

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Why Dogs Are Bad For Your Health

Bad puppy = bad health for puppy’s owner.  I have become an expert. Cody is now over  7 months old, and thankfully is calming down a bit.  So I guess we’ll keep her (not that there really was ever any … Continue reading

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