Call of Duty

For those wondering where Victo has been. She’s alive and well and fighting for the health of others, as usual. “Don’t disappear.” – that applies to all of us. Everyone keep in touch so we know you’re safe. If you don’t want to post, or can’t at this time, maybe at least send an email to another blogger so we don’t worry. (Victo – thank you.)

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Behind the White Coat

How do we stay connected as humans beings as we retreat from our patients and from each other behind gloves and masks and face shields?

I have been pondering this.

Back in the day when I was doing inpatient medicine, if I knew someone was dying and there was no one to be there with them, I would go and hold their hand until it was over. The thought of dying alone is very upsetting to me personally. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want anyone else to be alone.

Hospitals right now are not allowing visitors at all. If your mom or dad or sister or husband gets admitted, no one can come in with them… they are alone.

We have made plans for COVID dedicated hospitals in the area. I am on the list to help out at one should the need arise so I have…

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