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CM is 7!

Yay for me.  Maybe 2020 hasn’t been a total loss. According to WP, I’ve been blogging for 7 years.  In some ways, it seems like I just started blogging yesterday; but sometimes it feels like I’ve been on WP forever. … Continue reading

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And on the Eighth Day, God said … [again]

Yes, I’ve posted this before (more than once), but it’s still a favorite of mine – and many of my newer readers haven’t seen it.  I re-post this today as a thank-you to everyone who gave me virtual hugs in … Continue reading

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Facebook Link Is Fixed

I never knew how much I used Facebook, until my link stopped working and I couldn’t log on for several days.  It’s all fixed now. However, those of you who followed me on Facebook before that link failure may need … Continue reading

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A Little Treat for My Readers

It won’t cure, nor prevent, any disease, but it sure can add a bit of cheer to an otherwise bad, or sad, or simply bored day. See the creamy goodness dripping down?  Imagine the icy sweetness, the gooey chocolate syrup, … Continue reading

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