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And the Answer Is …

Thanks to all those who responded to my question on yesterday’s post.  It’s a gray catbird. Now, on to the next “mystery” – can you find the dog in this photo?  Puppy Cody thinks she’s safely hidden.  LOL. (And for … Continue reading

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And on the Eighth Day, God said … [again]

Yes, I’ve posted this before (more than once), but it’s still a favorite of mine – and many of my newer readers haven’t seen it.  I re-post this today as a thank-you to everyone who gave me virtual hugs in … Continue reading

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Really? Have you, or anyone you’ve ever known, tried to eat raw flour? Then again, our own incompetent King President recently suggested ingesting bleach to cure COVID-19, so maybe such a silly warning is, in fact, necessary. New York State … Continue reading

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I stopped waiting for my ship to come in – with my luck, if it did come, the crew would all be COVID-19 positive. Yes, that’s politically incorrect humor – but these days, any humor may be welcome. In New … Continue reading

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