A COUP? NOT ON MY WATCH! (Collaborated Post #6)

Australia joined the fray!  As did my satirical mirror blog.  Welcome  Jamala the Red Panda (owned by Vicky of  V Something Speaks) and Shadowpaws (owned by Yours Truly and featured on the Not Cordelia’s Mom site).  And so the fun continued!




Oh, oh – sounds like trouble is a-brewing! Look at the email exchange I found over on the Not CM site!


JamalaDear Mehitabel,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a former resident of my nation’s capital – Canberra, Australia. I recently moved to Melbourne to be with a like-minded comrade. Although she is human she is surprisingly interesting. She is a fan of both the red and giant panda. It is through her connection to the giant panda that I read about your plight.

As a former Canberran, I am well versed in political machinations. May I suggest that the van full of peacekeeping bears is driven straight over the border into Mexico and left there. I hear a very influential man is about to build a wall separating that country from yours. Hopefully said bears will be stranded! If this does not work I have plenty of ideas. We in Australia have many ways of dealing with unwanted “visitors” – especially customs evading dogs! As for pesky vampires, I have a secret that may assist in dealing with Vlad. Please let me know if you would like assistance.

Your cat-like friend,

Jamala the Red Panda.


sm.mehitabelDear Jamala,

Please excuse me for my tardy reply. She WithThe Food has been very careful to put away the computer so that I couldn’t get into any mischief hmph! I wish she paid that much attention to pandas. They are much more troublesome than I am. Uh oh! I think I hear her coming. Better scamper.

I do like your idea about sending the bears in the truck to Mexico.

We’ll talk again soon as I can get online.



JamalaDear Mehitabel,

Thank you for responding. It is a shame that SheWithTheFood is so restrictive with your computer time. Perhaps you could take a leaf out of our Antipodean book. If our “leaders” get too out of hand we simply replace them! SheWithTheFood may be less restrictive if she feared being deposed. I am sure there would be many who would love to cater to your cat needs with the appropriate amount of servitude and gratitude while deluding themselves that they are your “leader”.

I must be off – I have to check who our current leader is. It has been weeks since the last coup.

Looking forward to our continued alliance.

Jamala the Red Panda



Dear Mehitabel and Jamala,

A coup? I am so in! Can I be an officer or something so I can stomp on Teddy Rosalie and Puppy Cody? And give Vlad orders to go back to England and stay there? Can I get some kind of authority over the Peacekeeping Bears?

Eagerly awaiting my call to action,



How can we get word to Vlad and the Peace Keeping bears that they are about to be overthrown?

Stay tuned for the next episode of Cats vs. Dogs vs. Bears vs. Pandas (if you are a new reader, click here for the last most recent episode – which, of course, then has links to all the previous ones!).


I love to hear from my readers. You may comment on this post, comment on my Twitter page, or email me at cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com


Jamala image and text by Vicky V (V Something Speaks); Mehitabel image and text by Anne Belov (a/k/a Bob T. Panda, The Panda Chronicles); ShadowPaws images and text by Cordelia’s Mom


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10 Responses to A COUP? NOT ON MY WATCH! (Collaborated Post #6)

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Oh! That brings back memories 💜


  2. Vicky V says:

    Thanks for reblogging. Having so much fun reading them again!


  3. What a fun trip down memory lane! Bob T. Panda

    Making the world a better place, one panda at a time… https://yourbrainonpandas.com



    • And maybe not quite done yet. A suggestion has been made for a new collaborated series. Any interest? I know you’re busy and Mehitabel is no longer with us, but perhaps a someone new to lend that beautiful evilness?


  4. willowdot21 says:

    Yes indeed a great plan 💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

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