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The Seduction

I was seduced by an expert. Knowing there had been a long period of abstinence, the devil started ever so slowly.  Just a little wink, a tiny whiff of that intoxicating scent, an alluring whisper.  Rumors that others had enjoyed … Continue reading

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Addicts Are Us

My name is CookieCakes, and I am a webaholic. Over the last few years, my husband has often accused me of having a “soft addiction” to the internet, especially once I became a blogger.  How ridiculous is that? Blogging is … Continue reading

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The Battle Continues

Last week, I told the story of how my diagnosis of ulcerative colitis came about, and how it led to a 10-day hospital stay and eventually resulted in my dependence on prednisone.  The post became too long, so I decided … Continue reading

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How Cordelia’s Mom Became Addicted

“Ohmygod, I thought she was dead!” The more experienced doctors in the morning  “doctor parade” immediately ushered that medical student right out of my hospital room. But she really couldn’t be blamed.  At that point in my battle with ulcerative … Continue reading

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