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(Not) Windows Support Desk

Originally posted on Another Spectrum:
[Ring ring. Ring ring] ME: G’day. This is Barry CALLER: Hello this is Windows support. I’m calling regarding a problem with your computer. ME: Oh? what kind of problem? CALLER: Do you realise that your…

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Hot Browsing

Originally posted on Cordelia's Mom, Still:
Sometimes Paul Curran makes me laugh, and sometimes he reminds me of my own stories. Recently, he did both. In his recent post on Mark Bialczak’s blog, Paul talked about his experience with…

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TGIF – Another Week Down, Barely

Thank you so much for asking how my life is going these days. Wait, you didn’t ask.  But I’m going to tell you anyway. Things have calmed down a bit at work.  After more than 5 months, I’m finally getting … Continue reading

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Weekend Under a Full Moon (Re-Blog)

Originally posted on Cordelia's Mom, Still:
My life is usually pretty boring, but every once in a while I have a non-routine weekend.  This particular weekend, there was a full moon – whether that contributed to the events, I…

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