TGIF – Another Week Down, Barely



Thank you so much for asking how my life is going these days.

Wait, you didn’t ask.  But I’m going to tell you anyway.

Things have calmed down a bit at work.  After more than 5 months, I’m finally getting the hang of the computer system and my colleagues have finally come to realize that I’m not as stupid as I appeared to be at the beginning.  That’s not to say that I won’t become “stupid” again as soon as the real estate market picks up in the spring, and my work load triples, but at least by then (hopefully) I’ll be acclimated well enough to handle the additional files efficiently.

But today was just one of those end-of-the week chain of unsettling events.  I’d like to think it’s just weird coincidence and not someone “up there” having his or her fun with me.

I didn’t oversleep, which was good, but mostly it was because I had been up on and off most of the night due to bathroom needs.  Ugh.

Managed to get myself up and dressed, and fed, without problems.  Good start!

But then my car, which sits out overnight, developed a frozen driver’s side door.  I’ve been having some problems recently with that door during cold weather – the handle pops out like it’s supposed to but then won’t go back in and has to be thumped.  Bear in mind that this car is only 3 years old!  This morning, I got in, started the car, then got out to scrape the windshield.  The door handle was stuck out, so I thumped it and in the process pushed the door most of the way shut.  But apparently not all the way.  As a result, the door got jammed and I couldn’t get back in.  Yes, I had my extra key in my pocket, but the door wasn’t locked, just stuck.  I couldn’t get in on the other side because I had parked as close to the fence as possible to allow room for hubby’s car, and I couldn’t open the doors enough on that side to be able to slip my non-tiny body through.  I climbed in the back seat on the driver’s side, thinking I could climb over the console to the front seat.  Good thing no one was watching – how embarrassing it was!  I’m not as spry as I was just a few years ago, nor am I as slim as I was just a few years ago, and although I struggled mightily, I could not manage the climb-over.  By now I was pissed.  I got out, and SLAMMED the driver’s side front door – and lo and behold, the door unjammed and I was able to get in and head off to work.  Yay.

Naturally, I worried about that door when I went home at lunch time, but I guess the car realized I’m only a few months away from lease-end, so it decided to behave.


But I think the car communicated with my office computer either electronically or telepathically.  I fail to understand why I’m always the one to discover those glitches in the computer software that everyone else in the office has been using successfully.  It is me, or is it just bad luck or bad timing?   Who knows.

Due to glitches, I wound up having to stay late.  It was rather amusing, however, to watch a co-worker pull up my document, claiming I was doing something wrong, only to realize that the software was doing it’s own thing.  It was adding numbers up wrong, and itemized items were being misnumbered  – at first the system put in items #1 and #2 and left off #3, then in the next version it put in items #1, #2 and #2 (again).  Such a little dickens, that computer system!

Meanwhile, my daughter sent me a text for status on her house sale.  The sale was supposed to close in the middle of January.  Due to the new banking regulations, the buyer’s loan is currently in the Twilight Zone of Underwriting – and going up the chain of command isn’t helping a whole lot.  The sale will close eventually, but not this week, and my daughter has run out of money.  So Mom, of course, is going to front some cash to get her through.


Cash which Mom kind of needs for her own house purchase, if she ever actually finds a house.  However, there was good news earlier in the week – Mom has been prequalified for a mortgage on a new house, and it is NOT contingent on the sale of her current house!  May the hunt begin!

And in the midst of all the day’s excitement, The Boss circulated an email complaining about everyone’s failure to communicate every single day with every single client and realtor, and demanding that we begin inundating every single client with needless status updates, including a totally worthless checklist.  I’ve already had several clients tell me they don’t understand that checklist and would much rather I  call them with updates rather than email them. I have been calling both the clients and realtors – but of course, The Boss doesn’t get copied on verbal updates.  So I guess I’ll start pissing off everyone by harassing them with daily emails.  (Does that make me a spammer?)  I can only hope that when the inevitable complaints arrive, they at least make mention of the reason so it doesn’t appear to be all my fault.

Such is life in the working world.  How was your week?


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37 Responses to TGIF – Another Week Down, Barely

  1. Elyse says:

    Ugh. My week was OK. Glad it’s friday, though.


  2. joey says:

    Banking Twilight Zone, indeed. Our first home loan was done quickly and we had a closing date months in advance. The 2013 purchase was more like, “Are we gonna close? When?” We were literally at the closing before the word approval was uttered. We didn’t have enough confidence to register our kids for school, or call the movers, or anything! I feel for her dealing with that. :/ Glad you’ll get to hunt for your new home though 🙂
    I also find all the glitches. Oh yes ma’am. The printer at my job. Well…don’t get me started. I have a new printer now, thank you very much.
    I have had the frozen car scenario. I have done the panic dance. That’s the worst part of winter. I love winter, but the frozen car thing, no one loves that.

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  3. You have a knack for reminding me of how the good old days weren’t all that great. Garry and I are very happy to NOT be working. I have to admit, I find your adventures oh so familiar, but i do not envy you. I hope you get the computer set to rights!


  4. Victo Dolore says:

    Thank you for the status update. I have missed your posts. I am so sorry about your sucky day! WTF?


  5. Tippy Gnu says:

    So, how is your life going these days? Hey, better late than never.

    Sounds to me like your boss is kind of clueless, or stuck on solutions to problems that don’t exist. Seems to me that the best approach is to just focus on keeping those paychecks coming, even if the things you’re told to do make no sense. Worked for me, anyway.


  6. Al says:

    What a fun week!!
    Hopefully boss will get the idea that verbal communication is sometimes better than written or cyber.


  7. So what’s new, CM ???? Hang in there…retirement is worth the wait ! ❤️


  8. Jane says:

    I am with you on the dream job! This week was one filled filled with fighting and dispute and…THE STATE IS HERE….in other words, we were being audited.Glad it is over for both of us.


  9. Dan Antion says:

    On behalf of the technology industry (in which I’ve been employed for almost 40 years) I should apologize. On the other hand, my natural tendency is to blame everything on “user error.” In any case, I’m sorry you had a tough week. Mine was busy, extended into my weekend a little, but Friday night arrived and all is well.


    • You’re partially right, Dan. We have two computer people – an external IT expert and an in-house computer guy who thinks he’s an expert. The in-house guy is in charge of daily maintenance such as clearing out error codes. Anyway, the in-house guy had been tweaking the software earlier in the day. I do most of the sale files and was the only person working on closing statements that day; hence, I was the one who found the glitch.

      However, it does make for a real team environment because The Boss expects absolute perfection from everything and everyone, so if one person makes a mistake, everyone from the receptionist to the most senior attorney gets blamed. That means, we all try to watch out for each other.

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  10. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    What a roller coaster of ups and downs! Hopefully this weekend and the upcoming week will be nothing but ups.

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  11. inesephoto says:

    Hope your life is getting better and better! 🙂 xx


  12. socialbridge says:

    Hope you get a decent rest over the weekend! xx


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    My week sounds similar to yours! -OM
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  14. candygai says:

    I’.have evil thoughts for any government that takes three years or more to provide disability payments to your beloved son-in-law. Neither administration is my government; I’m Cherokee. I’m denied disability, they say I’m not ill as my disease is rare and different in every patient. I would say I cannot wait for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act as it does me no good; despite the fact I have no income, can no longer work, and am rarely ambulatory. I pray that something will occur that will allow me to have lower insurance premiums than the close to $1,400.00 I pay. Then I feel guilty because I don’t want any good fortune for me to subtract from one positive from someone else. When I go out, I’m going big, I may make those forgotten by disability services and insurances my platform. CM you are a strong women, as is your daughter. You’ve been an example to me and this may be the last opportunity to tell you how pleased I am to have discovered you. Your truth and straightforward writing taught me a lot. Take care of yourself. Give Puppy Cody a kiss for me.


  15. Archon's Den says:

    I’m glad to hear that you got the week down, rather than it getting you down! Although, by your tale, the match was nearly a draw. 😆


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