A Word to the Not-So-Wise

Askimet has blocked over 72,000 spam comments to my blog so far. Maybe I should let them through so that I could create more Snarks ‘R Us posts like this one. Spam-Bam was a great series, wasn’t it, and I managed to keep it going for almost two years – but it seems that these days even the spammers have forsaken me. Oh well. Re-blogs are better than no blogs, right?

Cordelia's Mom, Still

SeeNoEvilI’ve been so busy with the new puppy that I simply haven’t had the time to respond to all the wonderful comments on my posts.

But today, I was feeling a little down, seeing as WordPress indicated that I had absolutely no views on any of my posts.  Well, that can’t possibly be true, so onto my dashboard I went.  And guess what?  There were numerous comments on various posts which I had not seen before (the comments, that is, not the posts – thank you, grammar police).

Well, obviously someone is reading, right? — and I’d like to respond to a few of those comments if I may.   After all, spammers are people, too.  (And apologies to the appropriate commenter if any of these weren’t, in fact, spam.)



“What i do not realize is in fact how you’re no longer actually much more smartly-appreciated than you may…

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9 Responses to A Word to the Not-So-Wise

  1. This is just the first notification I’ve gotten from you. They’ve been kind of slow delivering notices, so my numbers have also been all over the place … way up, then all the way down … and back up again. I never know what to expect. It’s not you. it’s them.


  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    My comments have been dumped into spam for some blogger, so it’s not just you. I always try and check my spam folder too just in case!

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  3. Tippy Gnu says:

    I love reading some of those spam comments. They’re so complimentary. In fact I don’t know if I’ve ever read an unfriendly spam comment.


  4. I have my blog set to require approval on any comments on posts more than one day old–necessary because spammers LOVE to comment on old posts, knowing you’ll never see it. But the problem is, I forget to go in and approve the comments so they get backed up!


    • I get notification of all comments, no matter how old the post, and I just delete any that are inappropriate (unless, of course, I can spin them into a post somehow). I found in the past that some of my readers would get upset if they had to wait for a comment to be approved. But everyone’s blog is different, and everyone’s readers have different viewpoints.


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