When It’s Really Cold Out ….


… and you’re really thirsty, but just don’t want to stop playing to go inside for a drink.


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Image by Cordelia’s Mom

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33 Responses to When It’s Really Cold Out ….

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    That is clever! 🙂


  2. Dan Antion says:

    Smart dog. That’s a very nice photo, too.


  3. Jane says:

    So cute. My babies like to eat snow…or lick the puddles on the deck, which I wish they would not because of the chemicals.


  4. I’ve had several dogs who loved ice cubes too. Just chewed them right up like candy 🙂


    • Most of my dogs have loved ice cubes, but Cody’s the first one that went after icicles. And she just learned today that the ice over the frozen puddles in the backyard cracks when she steps on it – and there are yummy old leaves and other cool stuff under there. Yuck.


  5. Inspiration is all around us.


  6. Tippy Gnu says:

    I love the picture.


  7. willowdot21 says:

    Got to admire that dog!!


  8. socialbridge says:

    Hi Puppy Cody, you’ve got the right idea, that’s for sure. Life is for playing, no matter what the weather. Love Puppy Stan.


  9. AmyRose🌹 says:

    What a great and ingenious shot, CM! I used to suck on icicles as a kid for the same reason. I did not want to go in the house for a drink of water but wanted to keep playing. LOL ❤


  10. What a great picture! That takes some serious camera skills. My dog is really picky about how she drinks water. We can’t even get her one of those water cooler type bowls because the gurgling scares her.


    • Thanks! That icicle was coming out of the faucet behind the house, and I had to try to squeeze between the faucet and the house itself to get the shot, and then I had to get Cody to cooperate. My hands tend to shake when I take a photo, so I’m amazed I was able to get this one without it blurring.


  11. prior.. says:

    oh this is so fun – and the color of your dog is gorgeous 0 woof


  12. Thanks for the HUGE SMILE. Warmed me up, even though it’s really cold outside. 🙂


  13. I love this picture. Reminds me of two border collies we housesat who used to have a great time whenever we had to get the hosepipe out!


    • The funny thing is, Cody doesn’t really care that much about water. We bought her a wading pool once, and she would go anywhere near it. But there was just something about that icicle! Thanks for the visit – hope you come back often.

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