Day 2

Please join me in welcoming a brand new blogger. Anyone who’s ever had to restart a career after 15 or 20 years will appreciate how hard it can be. (My regular readers will recall that I went through much the same thing this past year.) I believe some emotional support is called for right now – let’s show this up-and-coming blogger what our community is all about.

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lawyer on restart

Today was my second day back in private practice. Needless to say, my head is spinning. After over a decade and a half of the same routine of being a solo practitioner with one client that provided steady and predictable work, I feel like a fish out of water.

Billable hours.  Finding work to do.  Finding new clients. Remembering how to do things that were second nature before you went in-house. Document management. Working for a small company instead of a big one. Being one of many lawyers instead of the only one. Locking yourself out of the garage because you didn’t know that you needed the swipe card to get in and out. Having lunch delivered because you don’t have time go to get lunch.

Most of all, trying to figure out where I fit in. As a solo practice GC, I was “the guy.” If somebody had a…

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