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What I Did On My Day Off

’cause I’m sure you’re all dying to know. While folks in Great Britain were preparing for their Big Event (Harry marries Meghan), I was undergoing my latest upheaval. Yes, the new kitchen (such as it is) has arrived. Bear in mind … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Blame the Full Moon, But I Can’t

What is it about houses, that they always seem to know when you’ve come into just a wee bit of extra cash?  And why do so many household breakages happen so close to a full moon? I have no idea.  But I … Continue reading

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We’ll Get There Yet

I was so excited on Wednesday when I received a call from my fence contractor that they could start work the next day! Since Fridays are my off day at work, I asked if they could come today instead. They … Continue reading

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Cordelia’s Mom’s Neighborhood

It’s been five months since we moved into our new home.  Yay! Things are coming along nicely.  The construction is mostly done – well, we thought we were done, until one of the upstairs light switches began sizzling every time … Continue reading

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