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Paid In Full

It feels good to pay off that mortgage, doesn’t it? I loved receiving that “paid in full” letter when I sold my previous home, and I loved seeing that 0 balance in my on-line mortgage account statement. But I was … Continue reading

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Cordelia’s Mom Gets the Publishing Bug (and a Reality Check)

 This  post was originally published on the blog “Cordelia Calls It Quits“, as part of a special series entitled “Cordelia’s Mom Is Still Hanging in There” (“Cordelia’s Mom Is (the) S.H.I.T.” for short.) 🙂 Sadly, it’s still as true today as … Continue reading

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That Ship Is Getting Closer … (Re-Blog)

THAT SHIP STILL HASN’T COME IN, BUT GOD KNOWS I KEEP TRYING! I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS RE-BLOG: *** I just finished reading “Oath of Office” by Michael Palmer [ISBN 978-0-312-58754-3, copyright 2012 (for those who care)].  On page 432 … Continue reading

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Houses And Other Needy Things (Re-Blog)

Today is re-blog Monday.  My post(s) later this week will deal with my current house renovations – while you are eagerly awaiting that, you might enjoy the one about my house-ownership nightmares in 2013 _______________________________________________ The toaster oven died this morning. … Continue reading

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