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The Watcher

Jessica was basically content with her life, but lately she had been getting vibes as if someone were watching her every move at work.  Why?  She wondered.  No one was looking over her shoulder – she had her own office … Continue reading

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Some days nothing seems to make any sense. Today is October 25 – 6 days before Halloween here in the USA.  Stopping at the grocery store after my dentist appointment, I saw the expected display of Halloween candies and pumpkins … Continue reading

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Spooky Update

I forgot to include this photo on my last post.  It was taken on the unpaved nature trail at Walton Woods Park. Doesn’t that look like a face (or a decapitated head) near the bottom just left of the base of the tree?  … Continue reading

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The Scariest Thing You’ll See Today

Take your pick. Is it Puppy Cody, with her big toughie ball: Or is it me: Kind of a toss-up, isn’t it? HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE! __________ I love to hear from my readers. You may comment on this post, comment … Continue reading

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