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December 2, Buffalo, New York.  Of course, there would be snow and ice. As Maureen prepared for work, she realized it had snowed overnight.  Only a few inches, but when she looked out the kitchen window, she could see that … Continue reading

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Weekly Deja Vu

Do you ever feel like you’re living in the movie, Groundhog Day? I sure do.  Every week, I work Monday through Wednesday.  I get up, eat my half-bagel, and head off to the office.  On one of the three days, … Continue reading

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Seeing the Light

Sometimes Mother Nature just doesn’t cooperate. Autumn in Buffalo, New York can be so beautiful.  Every work day I drive down city streets lined with colorful fall foliage.  There’s one section of Winspear Avenue that absolutely takes my breath away, … Continue reading

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Struggling Along

I’m in no mood for writing today (virtual hugs are welcomed). Let me just share some photos from this past weekend: It’s beautiful weather here today.  Some time outdoors may just do the trick. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! __________ I … Continue reading

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