Weekly Deja Vu

Winspear Ave. in Fall

Do you ever feel like you’re living in the movie, Groundhog Day?

I sure do.  Every week, I work Monday through Wednesday.  I get up, eat my half-bagel, and head off to the office.  On one of the three days, I stop at the car wash on the way in.  ‘Cause I have a monthly unlimited membership and no way am I going a week without using that.  Even if it rained before I left the house.  Heck, I paid for it and I’m going to use it.

Follow that Vehicle

On Thursdays, I do laundry and household chores; on Fridays, I often have medical appointments.

Every week.  Week in and week out.

But I’m not complaining.  Things have been pretty humdrum here in my area of the world, and humdrum can be good.

Thanks to our Gov. Cuomo, New York State has kept the COVID-19 pandemic under control – although even here, our positive cases and hospitalizations have been rising.

Scares the hell out of me.  After all, the “big” holidays are coming soon, when everyone will want to have those huge family gatherings.  Can you really expect people to give up Thanksgiving and Christmas with their extended families?  Sure, you could make everyone wear masks when they arrive, but once the food comes out, those masks will be coming off.  Then, there’s the laughter, shouting, passing of plates – and there may be that one person who insists on tasting a particular food and then putting the serving spoon back into the bowl.  In some households, there may be singing and dancing.  I call them COVID-19 parties, and those virus germs absolutely love dressing up and going out to infect.

But, of course, according to our delightful King Trump, that virus will simply disappear the day after Election Day.  Hope abounds for those who are currently struggling with the virus, for their families and for the families of those who have lost the coronavirus battle, and for all those health care workers who are trying to keep everyone healthy and alive.  After November 3, according to the King, we will all be able to relax and return to our normal pre-pandemic existence.   And we will all be able to enjoy those ballooning 401-Ks.

(I don’t know about anyone else, but I have never held a job that offered a 401-K, and so far as I know, most of the people who have lost jobs during the pandemic are those who were in service jobs that also didn’t offer such benefits.  Perhaps we can enjoy other people’s happiness in their newfound prosperity while we worry and suffer.  Oh wait, I forgot – that suffering is ending on November 3.  Woo-hoo!)

Anyway.  Pardon the rant.

With the encouragement of so many of my readers, I managed to take a few more autumn photos on my way to and from work.  See the photos at the head of this post and at the end of it.  It’s the same street (Winspear Avenue in Buffalo, New York) that I photographed previously, but this time I managed to get the shots after the rain just as the sun was coming back out – and praise be, I got those while the fall colors were high and before the rain started up again.  By tomorrow, we may have snow covering those colors.

Not looking forward to that.

As usual, may all my readers stay safe and healthy.  Hunker down wherever you are, keep your pandemic pantry filled if you have one, keep your spirits up, stay in touch with family and friends, and may science, not politics, determine all our futures.

Winspear Ave. in Fall – The Next Block


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom/TeddyRosalieStudio

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13 Responses to Weekly Deja Vu

  1. Marc Beebe says:

    I miss Autumn in New York. We don’t have as many deciduous trees up here so no big variety of bright leaf colours. I do not envy you your pandemic or political situation, though. You wouldn’t envy our weather either. Although lake effect can bury you in an hour, at least zero Fahrenheit is not a normal state of being there! (It was +2 Sunday; the lowest it’s got so far this year.)


  2. lbeth1950 says:

    OK couldn’t get past half a bagel. How do you get by on half a bagel?


    • When I’m working, I only eat half a bagel, with cream cheese, so I can have a nice hearty sandwich and chips for lunch. When I’m not working, I have a better breakfast (usually an omelet with a side of toast or pastry) , then skip lunch and have a regular dinner.

      (Also, on days I’m working I try not to eat a lot before I have to drive to work because colitis. I don’t want to have to pull over to find a restroom in the areas of the city I have to drive through.)


  3. Dan Antion says:

    No big holiday parties for this family. Of course, there rarely are. At least fall clean up and winter prep are giving us something to do. Stay safe, CM. I don’t think the virus owns a calendar.


  4. markbialczak says:

    Thank your for the gorgeous views, CM. And, yes, we will fret and continue to take the steps science tells us we need to ward off this virus that is not magically going away.


  5. We’ve going to buy a nice fat roasting chicken and an apple pie, eat too much and complain about it. The rest of the family? Whatever.


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