Did I Luck Out, Or What?

Newsflash:  There is life outside the office!

I’m apparently a fortunate member of the very tiny class of people who have employers who not only understand and accept that, but actively encourage it.

There are a few large pictures sitting on the floor of my new office awaiting hanging by the building maintenance crew.  They’re not my pictures, and I don’t even know for sure who they belong to.  They’re nice prints of paintings done by local  Western New  York artists – but they’re really not my style so I haven’t pushed to have them hung.   They would add nothing to my feeling of commitment to my new job.

One of my bosses came into my office the other day, noticed the pictures still on the floor, and said we should get someone to hang them.   I told her I’d prefer to bring some artwork from home (I have some beautiful oil paintings done by my daughter when she was in Ireland).


Having seen my newly purchased camera the week before, and having seen my screen-saver of Puppy Cody (and being unaware of those Ireland paintings), my boss exclaimed, “You should hang your own photos!  You could have a little gallery in here.”

Say what?  I’ve worked in jobs where the employer wouldn’t even allow family photos to be displayed on desks!

While I didn’t immediately respond, I did think about it – and the more I thought, the more it seemed like a really cool way to make my office mine.  (I can keep the Ireland paintings to hang in my new house once hubby has finished his updating – after all, our daughter’s work really should be displayed in our own home, don’t you think?)

I thanked my boss for giving me such a good idea, and she smiled and said that she and the firm would love to have my work displayed.

OK, so now my ego has been tweaked.  I’m thinking that, instead of putting holes in the office walls, maybe I could get a floor  or table collage stand and display the best of my photos.  I could switch them out as I create new ones with my new camera.

I’m having fun searching for just the right framework, but my question to my readers is:  Which photos should I choose?  Not that anyone other than my coworkers would likely see them, but I still don’t want to display crap.

So, I have a favor to ask:  Would you please take just a few moments to click over to Flickr.com, look at what I’ve posted there, and then let me know in the comments to this post which, if any, of those photos are your favorites?  You can get to Flickr.com through the link on the sidebar.  (Well, heck, let’s make it easy – just click here.)  Be aware that there are several pages of photos.

(Also be aware that this is a totally shameless way of getting more views to my Flickr.com account.  I will not apologize for that – we all love attention, right? If any of you have never engaged in such self-promotion, then you’re probably a better person than I am.)

I look forward to having your opinions.  My favorites may not be the ones everyone else likes, and the best ones may not even be the ones that have received the most views on Flickr.com.

What do you think?  Let me know.  And thanks very much for taking the time to do so.


I love to hear from my readers. You may comment on this post, comment on my Facebook or Twitter pages, or email me at cordeliasmom2012@yahoo.com


Images by Cordelia’s Mom


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22 Responses to Did I Luck Out, Or What?

  1. Great pictures. I love Teddy Rosalie looking over at Friday’s, Puppy Cody with a snoutful of snow, Puppy Cody asleep, Puppy Cody’s headshot on the window sill, your Autumn pictures, your trees in bud, loads to chose from!


  2. prior.. says:

    that does sound like a great boss- and woo hoo – my kind of org culture – going to look at pics now


    • prior.. says:

      I like escape route and waiting for time off (the chairs all lined up like that are extra moody and emit almost a Vincent van Gogh mood.
      My least favs were the cemetery ones – and not that I mind cemetery shots – but the verticals felt too left or off – but again – just a first look and I love your work and variety –
      oh and the web (again) one also really stood out to me
      and the Cody with the icicle felt professional – and reminded me of the stiffed animals that were out about ten years ago,.
      “waterfowl” was framed perfect – the ending shots – the blue bubbles and car wash were closing favs.
      Probably more than you were asking for – but I enjoyed see your work today
      🙂 happy decorating CM


  3. Jane says:

    Sunshine and Shadows, Looking to the Future, Cody and water, leaf pile, puppy eyes,
    Anything with Cody …then your boss can say, “OH, you have a nice doggie. Maybe he should come to work with you.” Wouldn’t that be wonderful.


    • Ha, ha. I think I’m going to need a whole separate “Puppy Cody” section in my office. Sunshine & Shadows is one of my favorites. But the idea of bringing Cody into the office – maybe not a good one. It’s a bit cramped in there, and she really, really doesn’t like new people. Never mind the car ride to get her there.


  4. I will. Just — warning. I did that in one office and one day I came in and all my pictures were gone. Someone — probably in the cleaning crew — took all of them. Make sure you can lock your door!


    • Oh, that’s scary, Marilyn. Mine will be in a very large collage frame, so it might be a little difficult to just sneak it out. And a plus is that I’m on first-name basis with the cleaning lady since the first week there, we both got stuck as the last people in the building and trying to figure out how to set the alarm. We made sure we left together.


  5. Jamie says:

    I like Icicle, Leaf 3, Nap Time, Cup Runneth Over, Puppy Eyes 2, Red Maple Buds 2, and Japanese Garden 3. I never saw the flickr site until now, there’s a lot of nice pictures on it!


    • In all this time, you never checked out my Flickr site? Shame on you! But I’m glad you did now. You’re a much better photographer than I ever will be – and you gotta know, I would never try oil painting.

      PS: The Japanese Garden photos are among my favorites. I used one of them as my screen-saver at my last job.


  6. joey says:

    Per our email the other day, THINGS went well and have been going well. I met with the best possible yesterday and have all but one of my eggs in that basket. Like a reward, perhaps. *crosses fingers*
    As for your photos, well, there may be too many to choose from. I love Cody Looking into the future, and icicle, clock tower, yellow leaf, winter trees 1, orange leaves on the green grass, and the bridge. All good enough to hang on my wall.


  7. Dan Antion says:

    Not sure it’s appropriate for an office, but I like the cemeteries and Cody’s snout looking out the window.


    • Thanks, Dan, Personally, I love the cemeteries series, especially the one with the tree in the center. I work in estates and trusts, so probably that is, in fact, appropriate. Mixed in with a bunch of totally different photos in a collage, I think it won’t jump out at anyone. Cody peering out the window is definitely going to be part of the gallery.

      BTW – Since it never before occurred to me to frame any of my work, do you think I should get glossy or matte prints? Or different types for different scenes? I asked two people at the art store, and they each had different opinions.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dan Antion says:

        I framed several glossy photos, but the reflections are very noticeable. The most recent ones I’ve done were canvas wraps by Canvas on Demand. If you use them, do one snd wait for coupons to start flowing or do a big order and like them on Facebook for 40% off the entire order. I just had a 16×20 print made for a friend, using an 83% off coupon = $27.

        My daughter had had very good luck with places that print on boards of metal.


  8. markbialczak says:

    I admire your employer so much, CM.
    My suggestions are:
    1. Cody’s sweet face looking out the white window sill.
    2. Colorful leaves, the one in the middle next to the phone shot.
    3. Birds against the blue sky.
    4. Bridge against the green woods.
    I think your photos are fantastic!


    • You know, Mark, I love that photo of the birds against the sky (“Follow the Leader”), and I was a little disappointed that no one picked that. I’m glad you did! And I truly appreciate that last line of your comment – it makes me feel special.


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