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Slowly, but surely, we’re getting there.  The COVID-19 pandemic is slowly, ever so slowly, going away. Five regions in New York State are entering Phase II of their reopening as of today.  Phase II includes most office workers and some … Continue reading

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This post is a day early, because I’m taking tomorrow off. From what, you say?  Aren’t you furloughed from your job? Yes, I am, but hubby finally got leave from his [non]-“essential” job, and will be home starting tomorrow.  One … Continue reading

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Sexually Harassed at Work

Bet that got your attention! One of the bosses received an email, stating in part: “Majority of our clients in New York still have not completed the requirements for the new Sexual Harassment Law Change that went into effect in … Continue reading

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Musings of a Non-essential Federal Employee

I feel I owe an apology to furloughed federal employees for being an insensitive jerk with my last post, in which I bragged about my job. President Trump says the unpaid workers “will adjust, they always adjust.” In Trumpville, I … Continue reading

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