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Because I’m Bored

Being “under the weather” on a weekend sucks, doesn’t it? I had plans for today – shopping, maybe a little outside photography (despite the cold weather).  But I’m just not up to it today.  Perhaps I did too much that … Continue reading

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Looking back on Shutter & Pen

Originally posted on CJ Levinson Photography:
So I came across something interesting earlier. As of last Friday my blog is officially nine years old. Happy Blogiversary to me! It’s actually a little older than that if I think about it;…

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Meeting Amy Rose

Once upon a time, not too long ago (and definitely not in a land far away), I was perusing the WordPress Reader and came upon a beautiful photograph by artist and blogger, Amy Rose of the blog, Petals Unfolding. I was in … Continue reading

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Spring Is Rolling Along

This post is in response to Marilyn Armstrong’s Serendipitous Photo Prompt #6 on her blog  Serendipity.  I don’t have any antique dolls lying around, and Puppy Cody has destroyed all of her stuffed animals (vicious little beast), so I had … Continue reading

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