Looking back on Shutter & Pen

I love this history of blogging. Having only reached my second year, I didn’t know anything beyond the fact that everyone else out there seems to be better than me. But I especially love the special mention toward the end of the post. I’m feeling very special today!

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So I came across something interesting earlier. As of last Friday my blog is officially nine years old. Happy Blogiversary to me!

It’s actually a little older than that if I think about it; originally I started the blog in 2006 with another host, before moving it to WordPress at the beginning of 2007. I hadn’t written many posts before however so I think of the blog starting more when I moved to WordPress.

It’s been a long nine years and the blog has gone through several iterations in that time. When I first started the blog it was called A Writer’s Life and primarily was a writing blog with some book reviews and other things. Back then I mainly saw the blog as a way of generating interest in my writing and so pretty much everything related to writing or books in some way.

After a while I started…

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