RIP Lucie McNulty

Such a sad story. If you have a reclusive relative or friend, find him or her and make sure everything’s OK.

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McNulty Picture from, Buffalo, NY 1/15/2016


Yesterday, our local news ran a story about 69 year old Lucie McNulty, who was a former music teacher in the Western New York area. After she left her teaching career, she moved to Maine, where she apparently became a recluse and a hoarder.  As I understand it, her neighbors would see her leave her house once a week to pick up her mail, and when she stopped doing so and the mail piled up, authorities were called.  Twice the police went to her house on a welfare check – twice they knocked on her door with no response, tried to look through the curtained windows but could see no signs of foul play, so twice they left without further investigation.  When the real estate taxes hadn’t been paid since 2011, the local government began collection procedures, which resulted in the authorities…

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3 Responses to RIP Lucie McNulty

  1. reocochran says:

    This was sad, I hope if anyone recognizes this kind of gentle soul in their own family they will act on staying in touch. This type of person sometimes falls “off the grid” when they retire. RIP, dear Miss McNulty.


  2. Wow – that’s heartbreaking. :\


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