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Winter 2015

To Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia:

My sympathies on the gridlock caused by the inch of snow you received yesterday. I understand that some of you have still not arrived home from work.  How scary it must be to know that you will likely be hit by the East Coast Blizzard this weekend.

I have been in your area during an ice storm and understand your concerns. I used to carpool from my apartment in Maryland to my job in DC, and I’ll never forget the day there was half an inch of ice and snow which caused serious traffic issues.  DC is not prepared for winter weather – your area has neither the equipment, personnel, nor supplies (like, for instance, salt and sand) to deal with it.  On the way home from work that day, our carpool driver simply stopped the vehicle, turned to those of us in the back seat who haled from northern climates, and said, “I’m done. You drive.”  Yes, we did get home safely – in fact, we got home faster than most of the other commuters because we simply went around them.

Having lived and worked in the Washington, DC area, and based on my many years of experience with Buffalo, NY winter weather, I have a few words of advice:

♦  If you can stay home during the storm, do so. Those who survived Buffalo’s 8 feet of snow last year would heartily endorse this suggestion.  My northern suburb only received about 3 feet of snow during that particular storm, but I can say that most of the traffic problems in the northern suburbs were caused by drivers who simply didn’t know how to drive in snow and ice.  There were also those drivers who thought they were experts at winter driving, and in the process of trying to beat out more sedately driven vehicles, went off the road themselves, thereby causing unnecessary traffic problems. Just stay home.

♦  Before the storm hits, make sure your residence is fully stocked with all essentials. The stores will run out of beer, chips, wine, chocolate and ice cream really fast. Go now! And don’t forget the extra toilet paper.

♦  In addition to the essentials listed above, you might want to check your stash of entertainment items. Do you have enough puzzles, games, and DVDs to keep you amused during an extended blizzard?  (Note:  If you are under 35 and snowed in with your significant other, you may not need any of the foregoing.  You might, however, want to spend some of the time figuring out your budget for, say, 9 months or so from the date of the storm.)

♦  If you think there is even the slimmest possibility that you may be forced to go out in the middle of the storm (you know, that great Blizzard Sale at the nearest upscale department store, or the urgent need for that nice, hot Starbucks latte macchiato), take steps to have your vehicle ready ahead of time. Stock it with a snow brush and ice scraper (you can probably order them by Fedex on Amazon – maybe they can use a drone to drop-ship the items to your back yard).  You will need a supply of water and food in case you get stuck (again) in that gridlock.  Power bars keep well, but personally I prefer Little Debbie snack cakes.  Keep these items in your car, not in the trunk – do you really want to trudge through an inch of snow to get to your nutrients?  I don’t think so.

♦  Be sure to fill up with gas today.  You will need to keep that car running for warmth, music, and so that you can use your SYNC or smart phone to Twitter to all your friends and family about your experiences during the gridlock.  Also, take photos!  Who knows?  You might finally get your 15 minutes of fame.

♦  Charge up your smart phones, laptops, and tablets today.  Sometimes power goes out during a storm.  Can you stand to be without the internet for any period of time?  If you are, in fact, forced to go out (see above), be sure to take a charger with you so you can stay connected (see above).

♦  Hopefully, you have lots of warm blankets, both for your car and for your home. There is something special about snuggling under a quilt while drinking your latte and watching those snowflakes fall gently to the ground outside your window.  Understandably, if the window you’re looking through happens to be the windshield, it may seem a little less special.

In closing, let me reassure you that no one here in the northern states is making light of your situation. Snow storms can be hell.  Stay home, keep warm, and get a head start on those income taxes.  Just don’t try to call the IRS help line – they probably couldn’t get to work, either.


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  1. Sounds just like hurricane prep and advice…only maybe don’t plan on cooking meals out on the grill when the power goes off. You nailed the “essentials list” for either climate. Experience shows throughout the post!
    (and so glad not dealing with this anymore – stay warm and snug!)

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  2. Elyse says:

    As a current resident of the DC area, I heartily endorse all of your suggestions. Especially the one that says “STAY HOME.”
    I’ll add one more, though. If it is snowing, avoid highways.Yesterday we had less than 1/2 an inch. But because they didn’t treat the highways, the highways melted then froze and instead of a nicely treated roadway, they became icy. And nobody moved. It took several of my colleagues hours to get home — the last one got there at about 10, and he lives 10 miles from here.


  3. willowdot21 says:

    Yes guys listen to one who knows! CDMS knows!!

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  4. Karen J says:

    LOL in sympathy, CM! And snickering into my sleeve at the poor folks in NYC… we have a lot of “don’t know how to drive in this stuff” folks around Chicago, too! O’course, i learned back in the “good ol’ days”, like you did… ❤
    Karen in the deep freeze (thank the Ghods for not-much-snow, so far!)


    • Knock on wood, we haven’t had much snow, either. We got about 8 inches the other day, but that’s been cleaned up and the roads are clear. Of course, it has now started snowing as I write this. Maybe I should head to the store for my “essential items.”

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  5. pegoleg says:

    As someone born and raised in the Midwest, I condescendingly sneer at people who panic at the first snowflake. Then I remember that they are lacking plows, salt and experience, and my response turns to: sorry, folks. And listen to Cordelia’s mom!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a rather snarky post, especially since I failed to point out that during the storm while I was living in DC, the ice was a quarter-inch thick on the roads. Without salt or sand, no one could drive on it, or at least not very well. If I were there now, I would just curl up until spring.

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  6. Laughing here. Some very good advice there, CM, I especially like your budget warning to young couples 9 months in advance ! Beer, chips and chocolate make so much more sense to me than the bread, eggs and milk requirement ! Stay warm and dry. ❄️ ☃️

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  7. We got 12 feet last winter. 12 feet. I’m only 5’2″ … so that’s more than two of me in height. We didn’t get stuck once the driveway was cleared. This years, we have an SUV … with NEW TIRES. I think it’s time the mid-Atlantic states got it together with weather. Especially DC where all those Republican are denying climate change.

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    • 12 feet ?! I do remember your area getting more snow than us, but I forgot that it was that much more. At least you’re retired, so you could just bunker down until the snowplow came through. Do you have someone that plows your driveway, too? I can’t imagine trying to clear that much snow with a shovel or snowblower.


  8. cjlevinson says:

    I’ve been watching the blizzard on the news this weekend. Amazing scenes, particularly in Times Square with the, uh, half naked cowboy guy… he looked absolutely freezing!

    Definitely hope people stay indoors and stay safe. Your advice reminds me of a lot of the precautions we take for bushfires and floods as well. You can definitely never have too many essentials on hand, particularly toilet paper!! Better safe than sorry.

    Hope you’re staying warm and having a nice weekend otherwise.

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    • Thank heavens, we don’t have bushfires. For that, I think I would have to include the advice, “run like hell.”

      And yes, I’ve been in all weekend, even though we don’t have much snow here in Buffalo, NY. I just didn’t feel like going out anywhere when it’s so cold outside.


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