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Mother-Daughter Time

Like most many kids, my three daughters were a pain in the butt growing up. But eventually, they became young women whose company I enjoyed, and who were [finally] willing to be seen with their mother. Mostly, it began with … Continue reading

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Screams in the Night II: When the Doctor Is Right

A few weeks back, I again began suffering those horrible leg cramps at night. One memorable Saturday night, the cramps were so bad that I peed myself, and they recurred numerous times during the night, each episode lasting for 10-15 minutes.  … Continue reading

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Office Dynamics (Still Waiting, Darn It)

It was foolish, I know. I may be unemployed in just a couple of weeks and should be watching every penny. This morning, I had my car inspected (passed – yay!), and then invited Cordelia to lunch (my treat). Cordelia … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Cordelia’s Mom!

My family never listens to me. I told them I was most definitely not celebrating my birthday this year as there have been too many of them already! But I’ll forgive them – because, hey — WINE! Let the celebration begin! … Continue reading

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