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Mother-Daughter Time

Like most many kids, my three daughters were a pain in the butt growing up. But eventually, they became young women whose company I enjoyed, and who were [finally] willing to be seen with their mother. Mostly, it began with … Continue reading

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Don’t Fence Me In

“If all your little friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump, too?” That’s what my mother used to say when I complained that all my friends were going to [pick fun but very expensive attraction] or getting [pick hottest costly toy] or … Continue reading

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It’s OK To Be Sad, Even If Other People Don’t Like It

When is life no longer worth living? At what point is it ok to give it all up already? Is it when you realize that you are now officially a senior citizen and that all the hopes and dreams you had … Continue reading

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Battles on the Homefront – A Mother’s Tale (Re-Blog)

Mother’s Day is coming up. With that in mind, today’s re-blog is of my own first post (which I still consider to be the best one I ever wrote).  The post was originally published on Cordelia Calls It Quits  and was republished … Continue reading

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