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It’s OK To Be Sad, Even If Other People Don’t Like It

When is life no longer worth living? At what point is it ok to give it all up already? Is it when you realize that you are now officially a senior citizen and that all the hopes and dreams you had … Continue reading

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Battles on the Homefront – A Mother’s Tale (Re-Blog)

Mother’s Day is coming up. With that in mind, today’s re-blog is of my own first post (which I still consider to be the best one I ever wrote).  The post was originally published on Cordelia Calls It Quits  and was republished … Continue reading

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Dear Abby: What Do You Have Against Mothers?

In her column in today’s edition of The Buffalo News, Dear Abby features a letter from a wife who has gone through a period of marital strife (imagine that!).  During that stressful period, the wife confided in her mother, who … Continue reading

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Finally – a blog dedicated to all those wonderful Cordelia’s Mom stories you’ve come to love while reading Kelly Gurnett’s blog, Cordelia Calls It Quits.  While Cordelia/Kelly and I have enjoyed working together (and will continue to guest post for … Continue reading

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