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I did my research.  I contacted acquaintances who had the same product and were happy with it.  I checked the product reviews through several online sites. And I still managed to get a lemon. Yes, my new Nikon Coolpix B700 camera … Continue reading

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Little White Lies

I try to be honest in everything I do.  Really, I do.  But sometimes, for whatever reason, honesty just doesn’t happen. Sometime I lie to myself. I refuse to drink the tap water at the new house because I’m concerned about … Continue reading

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Amazon – The Great Equalizer

I was just about to make my peanut butter fudge and discovered that my 9-inch square pan had somehow disappeared, mostly likely borrowed by one of my girls at some point and never found it’s way back. Today was the … Continue reading

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The Tell Tale Cart

Originally posted on Underdaddy:
I was thinking about a recent trip to Walmart and how parts of it reminded me of a story we had to read in 9th grade English. This is the story of the Tell Tale Cart.…

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