Amazon – The Great Equalizer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was just about to make my peanut butter fudge and discovered that my 9-inch square pan had somehow disappeared, mostly likely borrowed by one of my girls at some point and never found it’s way back.

Today was the only day I could make that fudge, so off I went to the nearest store to buy a replacement pan.  There’s a Bon-Ton Home Store a couple of blocks from me – I seldom buy kitchen stuff there because they tend to be overpriced.  But hey, this was an emergency, and chances are this close to Christmas, everything would be on sale.

Found my pan (half-price, yay) and got in the horrendously long line at the check-out.  In front of me was an obviously wealthy middle-aged lady, dressed in designer duds to go along with her I’m-so-much-better-than-you attitude, holding two bed pillows.  The requisite Smart phone was attached to her ear, and I couldn’t help overhearing her conversation.

The person on the other end must have questioned the potential purchase – the upper-class lady replied, “Sure I have pillows, but I’m not letting GUESTS put their heads on the same ones that MY FAMILY uses!”

She continued:  “And the coupon doesn’t apply to Home Store items.  I could have gotten these cheaper on Amazon.”

At which point, I had to fight against the urge to interrupt her monologue with, “You know, WALMART has pillows for $2.97 apiece.”

Perhaps adding, “You know, some of us shop both Walmart and Amazon.  How do you feel about that?”

Yes, Amazon – the retailer that delivers to all the classes.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom


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24 Responses to Amazon – The Great Equalizer

  1. jdawgswords says:

    amazon has seriously decided to compete with walmart…and they claim to have everything!!!

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  2. I love it when the Designed Gang shop in the discount store but insist on putting their purchases in a POSH shop carrier bag!

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  3. joey says:

    Wow. I hope I never stay in the home of someone who wouldn’t deign to have my head lie on one of her pillows. I’m overwhelmed that people feel that way. Those kinda people shouldn’t even have guests. Truly. Awed.
    I really try not to go to Walmart, but there are plenty of times it can’t be avoided, and I am too poor and too pressed for time to be drivin all over creation, huntin stuff.
    I freakin love Amazon. Amazon is the best!

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  4. George says:

    It annoys me when people feel the need to share their conversation with those around them. It annoys me more when they shed their ignorant skin while doing so.


  5. And so secretly that no one will ever know that you don’t always shop at ONLY the best stores 🙂


  6. Elyse says:

    Her children must have lice!

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  7. Don’t know how you resisted. People do not realize how loudly they are talking on cell phones in places.


  8. I hate to shop. Anywhere. I use the malls for exercise. And I dress accordingly. ☺


  9. prior2001 says:

    Glad u got your pan!! And you know -I have been away from Amazon for years and still was thinking they were books – but oh my gosh are they so much everything – amazing – my boys have shopped their store stuff for years but I was not really paying attention – and always thought books – and then my friend just shared she buys all her vitamins there – my my my – but I enjoyed this post and felt like I was there people watching with ya

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