Smashing Success

I was as nervous about our meet-and-greet as Amy Rose was. Thanks heavens she didn’t realize that! Here’s her version of our luncheon —

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Heaven On Earth

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To my absolute astonishment, I discovered that a blogger here on WP lives not far from me.  So this past Monday on the 14th, I had a luncheon date with Cordeliasmom, whom I discovered is just as lovely in person as she is on her blog.  The link I provided is her “take” on our meeting which is truly delightful yet vastly different from my version.

Our luncheon date was set for 11:30am.  Keeping one eye on the clock I went into super speed mode and by the time those things needing to be addressed were out of the way, the clock told me I had plenty of time to get ready, a luxury for me!  Proud of myself for being so organized I was soon off and driving with no need to rush.

It was a 70º F bright and sunny day and to be truthful being indoors…

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