CORDELIA’S MOM’S CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER (’cause we all love newsletters so much)


Dear Readers:

Just a quick note to thank all of you for joining me throughout the year. And it was a good year, wasn’t it?

After starting off with something like 5 followers at the beginning of the year, I now have twice that! Woo-hoo! It’s just a matter of time before publishers start noticing my work.

Unfortunately, I waited all year to be Freshly Pressed, and it didn’t happen. Guess my posts weren’t boring enough to make their line-up.  And now that Freshly Pressed has been discontinued, my hopes are dashed.

(I’ve checked out the new Discover category, and it would appear it has the same WordPress editors as Freshly Pressed, so I’m not expecting recognition from that corner any time soon, either.)

On a more personal note, there were a few successes this year.

Once again, I met with G.O.D., and this time hubby joined me. Nothing like a meeting G.O.D. and his son to make a couple truly appreciate each other.  As a plus, G.O.D. (the Grumpy Old Dude of Archon’s Den) also got to meet Teddy Rosalie, ShadowPaws and Puppy Cody.  Puppy Cody was not impressed.

I also managed a luncheon with blogger/photographer Amy Rose – a very successful meet-and-greet, I might add. Teddy bears, boogers, slow wait service – but excellent company.  We’re already planning to do it again.

Our missing blogging friend, Paul Curran, was found alive and well, thanks to bloggers Mark Bialczak and Linda Hill.  Paul claims his internet has been down and the landlord is slow to fix it, but can we really believe anything another blogger says?*  Maybe those guest visits all over the world were simply too much for the time being.  I’m sure once Paul’s typing fingers limber up again, he’ll be back to posting and commenting.  Something for all of us to look forward to in the coming year.

*Even I exaggerate for effect sometimes – I had a few more than 5 followers at the beginning of the year.


Now that we have Puppy Cody on a special prescription diet ($$$$), she’s no longer having all those little accidents in the house. Maybe it was her dietary issues that made her eat my cell phone?  I’ll never know for sure.

To all those who suffered with me through the household renovations – thank you! We now have a beautiful “new”  home – and finally, even the kitchen roof has been repaired.  I have absolutely no money left after paying all those contractors, and buying new furniture to replace the yard-sale crap we had before – but it was totally worth it.  Now I just need to cough up some friends to show it off to (not as easy as one might think).

Assuming, of course, I can continue to keep the neighbors under control. It would be quite embarrassing to have company at my house while the police are visiting the neighbors’ house – again.

But back to the blogosphere (and I apologize for the wandering nature of this letter, but I simply want to share EVERYTHING with you all).

When I began my blog, I promised myself I would not give advice to other bloggers. After all, I’m not all that great myself.  But I broke this promise several times during the year.  Most of my “educational” comments were politely ignored (“Thanks for your comment”), but I understand that Ned is currently out searching for those special beans to go with the coffee grinder he’s giving his kids for Christmas.  Go for it, Ned – and enjoy the money you’ll save towards your own retirement.

In closing, I’d like to wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy, and profitable holiday season – but as I mentioned earlier in the year, I must refrain from those politically charged holiday greetings.

So – a very special HELLO, HOW ARE YOU? to each and every one of you special people. And a hearty THANKS FOR READING AND COMMENTING to those who come back more than once!


PS: Not CM also wishes to extend her greetings, but can’t think of a politically correct way of doing so being as she’s not a politically correct kind of person.  May all my readers be spared her blarney during this special season.  I’m sure she’ll have something to say later.



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Images by Cordelia’s Mom

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33 Responses to CORDELIA’S MOM’S CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER (’cause we all love newsletters so much)

  1. Perfect…the kind of newsletter I can appreciate. ❤️ Thanks. 🎄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. markbialczak says:

    Eventful, yes, CM. Thanks for sharing in your usual tone. 🙂 Happy holidays, my friend, to everyone in your world except the boorish (and worse) neighbors.


  3. This is the best Christmas newsletter I’ve read so far. (☆▽☆)


  4. Love Teddy’s jumper! I send a newsletter out with my cards every year as it’s the only contact I have with my outer family. You’ve had a busy year!


    • Teddy Rosalie is quite photogenic. I suspect your newsletter is one that people enjoy reading – it can be a nice way to update family members on what’s going on in your life. The newsletters I object to are those from people I see all the time, but who find it necessary to list all their achievements, and their kids’ achievements, etc. as a way to point out that their life is better than mine.


  5. Ned's Blog says:

    CM, thank you for including me in your newsletter, and for the bag of elephant-dropping coffee beans that arrived yesterday. I know they are really expensive. I will keep some in the freezer so we can share a cup if you happen to stop by. And thanks to you, when the kids say, “Dad! The coffee you made tastes like S@#T!” I can simply smile with satisfaction…!

    Wishing you the merriest of Christmases, CM 😉


    • When I was younger and had more disposable income, I was really into grinding my own coffee and would go often to the nearest beanery to try something I’d never had before. There was one coffee bean (unfortunately I can’t recall the name, but it was either South American or African) that carried a description which included, “the essence of the forest floor.” Needless to say, I skipped that one!

      Merry Christmas to you and yours, Ned. I can hardly wait to read your post-Christmas stories.

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  6. Wonderfully complied news letter. Congratulations for completeing a year in the crazy world of bloggers. Many more.


  7. Elyse says:

    What? No recounts of African Safaris and excursions hither and yon with the Queen? What kind of a Holiday newsletter IS THIS?????

    Happy Holidays, CM! Because I am always politically incorrect. Or very correct, depending on where you stand.


  8. I’m pretty sure your have more readers that you say you do. Because gee whiz, I see lots of familiar faces in your “likes” columns 🙂 I have about a thousand more followers than I did at the beginning of the year, but exactly the same number of actual readers, or maybe a few less. I have no idea where the 8,700 followers from whom I never hear — not even a “like” — are hiding. I’ve looked everywhere!


  9. Vicky V says:

    I would love ShadowPaws on my tree! Even though I don’t have a tree 🙂

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  10. Al says:

    I went for ages trying to see if I could be Freshly Pressed, but then gave it up as a bad joke. Now I just post what I want and don’t worry about it. If people read my blog, then so be it. I post a lot less than I used to and I think my readership has taken a tumble. That’s because I am supposed to be writing a book at the moment, but lack of time means I can’t. Next year though, I will get it done.

    I am politically incorrect when it comes to this time of year, so I will say, Cordelia’s Mum, have a Happy Christmas.


    • I think when WordPress first started, bloggers had a fair chance of being Freshly Pressed, but there are just so many bloggers now that it’s nearly impossible to be noticed unless you’re a celebrity or power blogger.

      Merry Christmas, Al!


  11. AmyRose🌹 says:

    What a truly wonderful newsletter, CM, with your unique blend of wit and talent! I also thank you for including me in this post even though the boogers were mentioned. Tee hee … And yes I agree the service was somthing that needed improvement … slow at first then too many asking if everything was all right. Perhaps they were trying to vacate the booth so that is why they kept bugging us? I dunno.
    Anyways, needless to say, I could give a hoot for being politically incorrect as I wish you and your Loved Ones a very Merry Christmas!!! Loved your photos, my friend! ❤


  12. They weren’t at all crowded that day, Amy, so I’m sure they weren’t trying to reclaim the table. I think the waitress started off being overly solicitous and then when she realized we didn’t want to be bothered, she went to the other extreme.

    Merry Christmas to you! I loved your poinsettia photo in your post today.


  13. garym6059 says:

    Might be the best newsletter I’ve ever read! Amen on not being boring enough to be freshly pressed, screw that write what you feel at the time it comes of as genuine and honest. Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and if I forgot a group I’m terribly sorry :).


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