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Just When I Was Getting the Hang of It (Sort of)

Friday was approaching, and I wanted a head start on my weekly post. The story was drafted, all I needed to do was add the photos.  Such lovely photos they were, too, from the previous week’s stroll through Walton Woods Park. … Continue reading

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Dare Me?

“oooo, it has a lens cap!” I’m sure the camera salesman chuckled all evening over the silly blogger lady who spent mucho bucks to buy a “real” camera with lots of features she’ll never figure out how to use.  But he did … Continue reading

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Don’t Shoot / DO Shoot

Sometimes I just feel like shooting. As you may recall, I obtained my pistol permit a couple of years ago – mostly because my neighborhood had become unsafe.  Over the past couple of years, I considered buying myself a new … Continue reading

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Let’s Try This Again

Come on, people! Too many of you read my Heaven Help My Readers post and believed those photos were actual errors I had made.  Did none of you realize I was poking fun at myself? True, I’m not a very good photographer, … Continue reading

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