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How Hot Is It?

Today, even the bunnies and squirrels seem to be hiding. Currently, we’re at 87 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not as hot as predicted, and we’ve seen much hotter temperatures already this summer, but what with the humidity, it’s still pretty … Continue reading

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Different Cameras, Different Photos – Really

  It’s that time again – time for Cordelia’s Mom’s photography lesson! ‘Cause you all know how qualified I am to advise anyone else on photography. Not. I suppose a really good photographer could use one camera for everything and … Continue reading

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Summer Day

  A family member is resting after this morning’s sinus surgery, so I took the opportunity to run home and let Puppy Cody out (and take a few quick photos).  Cody and I enjoyed it, but I don’t think the … Continue reading

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So, How Scary Was It?

  Boom, boom, BOOOM!!! Yes, the 4th of July in the good old USA is always exciting, especially for kids, dogs, war vets, and survivors of terrorist attacks.  The big, professional displays are noisy enough, but at least they tend … Continue reading

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