The Make-Over Begins

WARNING: Photos in this post are not for the squeamish. Some of you already know how this whole thing ended. For those of you who have joined me more recently – enjoy!

Cordelia's Mom, Still

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThank you, God, for sending us that horrendous winter storm, which resulted in significant damage to my home and thus pushed me past the “maybe someday soon we should update the house” line of thought into the “well, as long as we’re having the ice damage repaired, let’s do those other upgrades we need” decision.

You will recall that we started with new windows last month.  Now we began the major repair/update work:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The contractors are at the door!

1st day:  The drywall/painting contractor was late, which made me a bit nervous.  But he did apologize when he got here (assistant called off), and went right to work. Two hours later, the huge hole in the bathroom ceiling had been fixed, and you’d never know there had ever been a hole there.  Incredible work!  Now I was really excited to see what he could…

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