Money Pit II

As you will see, dogs and household construction don’t mix well. I hope never to have to do it again …

Cordelia's Mom, Still

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Can’t help but think of the medicine chest scene in “The Money Pit”

If you never did so, you should watch the movie, The Money Pit.  The first time I saw it, I laughed so hard my sides hurt and I couldn’t breathe.

But I’m not laughing now.

The first 4 days of the household renovations went well, except for the discovery of the leaky corner of the roof.  Read that story here.

Day 5:  Long,  long construction day (8:30 am to 6:30 pm).  No access to the bathroom or the kitchen, so lots and lots of trips to the local grocery store (hmm, need donuts) and to Bon-Ton (hmm, maybe some new furniture?  Not).  In between, I spent the time in an 8 x 10 room with non-cable TV and Puppy Cody.  Ok, those old 1940s and 1950s shows bring back memories…

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8 Responses to Money Pit II

  1. Tom Hanks and Shelley Long if I remember correctly. We will have to be careful with our next choice of house as we won’t have that much in reserve!


  2. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Groan. This reminds me when we built our house. We were the GC and I swear to you today I will never ever ever do anything like that again. OMG! What a nightmare. And I must watch Money Pit. I don’t believe I’ve seen it. Like you FYI I’ve been very involved with life and not often here on WP. It’s really good to cross paths with you today, CM. 🌹


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