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    Bored yet?  I’m not. We had several days of very mild weather – warm enough even to go out without a jacket!  I found one yellow flower struggling through the grass in the backyard, and took the above … Continue reading

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If It Ain’t One Thing, It’s Another …

Betcha been wondering where I’ve been.  What, no one noticed I hadn’t posted anything in the last three weeks?  Please say that’s not so! It’s been a wild ride. First, there was the horrendous windstorm – we had gusts to … Continue reading

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Home Repair

Originally posted on Chasing Unicorns:
You can do anything with one of these. Most home repair jobs can be handled without hiring professional help. All it requires is a certain attitude. First you have to believe in your ability to…

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Climbing Out of the Money Pit

You know you’ve spent a lot of money on home improvements and/or repairs when your plumber sends you a thank-you gift! Sure, it’s not the first time we’ve received a gift from a someone we’ve hired.  When we installed a new furnace … Continue reading

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