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I’d Like to Blame the Full Moon, But I Can’t

What is it about houses, that they always seem to know when you’ve come into just a wee bit of extra cash?  And why do so many household breakages happen so close to a full moon? I have no idea.  But I … Continue reading

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Classic Fail

You all know how my luck runs, right?  Nothing ever goes the way it should. We knew when we bought our new home in August that we would need to fence in the back yard so Puppy Cody can run free like … Continue reading

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Well, at least the bathroom’s still pretty …

Did you think we were done with construction posts?  No such luck in my world.  Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Imagine sitting in your new, beautiful kitchen which had been renovated after the walls and ceiling were damaged by ice backup during the prior winter’s … Continue reading

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The Nightmare Ends (One Can Only Hope)

Originally posted on Cordelia's Mom, Still:
Teddy Rosalie supervises the construction By now, you’re suffering nearly as much from reading these posts as I suffered while experiencing the events that inspired them.  If you aren’t up to speed, read…

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