The Nightmare Ends (One Can Only Hope)

Ok, folks, I seriously hoped to be done with my sabbatical by the time this household renovations mini-series ended. It hasn’t quite worked out that way, but things are looking up. Hopefully only a few more weeks until I can come back to blogging like I used to. Hang in there with me. Please?

Cordelia's Mom, Still

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Teddy Rosalie supervises the construction

By now, you’re suffering nearly as much from reading these posts as I suffered while experiencing the events that inspired them.  If you aren’t up to speed, read Part 1 (here) and Part II (here).

Day 8:  The drywall/painting contractor came with 3 helpers so work could be done in all rooms at the same time.  No bathroom, no kitchen for entire day.  Otherwise, thank God, there were no unexpected events.

Day 9:  Marathon drywalling & painting.  Tearing up the rest of the bathroom floor and installing new subflooring and new vinyl sheeting – which meant the toilet had to be pulled and the vanity removed, and which also meant no one could walk on the floor for at least 24 hours — so no access to the bathroom for 24 hours (no peeing, no washing of hands or brushing of…

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4 Responses to The Nightmare Ends (One Can Only Hope)

  1. I am undergoing a similar thing. I’m hating every single minute of it.


  2. ladyryl says:

    I much prefer sitting, instead of hanging…. either way, I shall wait patiently for your return!


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