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This Year’s Non-Christmas

Sure, I’ve been trying to get into the spirit of the holidays.  I did go out and get the gifts and the cards, and I did make plans for attending and/or hosting events like Christmas Eve for the whole family … Continue reading

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Another Full-Moon Weekend

What is it about full moons? Friday had already started off bad.  I was a week overdue for my Remicade treatment, and I was having some serious issues from my ulcerative colitis (don’t worry, I won’t go into details).  I … Continue reading

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What Will the Future Bring?

When changes are on the horizon: Some hide and hope to avoid them. ♦ Others stay calm and wait. ♦ Some fight their way through. ♦ Others try to dull the anxiety. ♦ Some indulge themselves now, while they still can. ♦ … Continue reading

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It’s OK To Be Sad, Even If Other People Don’t Like It

When is life no longer worth living? At what point is it ok to give it all up already? Is it when you realize that you are now officially a senior citizen and that all the hopes and dreams you had … Continue reading

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