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Did you ever have a frustrating experience with a customer service call center? This post is for you, with thanks to Marilyn Armstrong. (Comments are closed on this re-blog. Leave any comments over on Marilyn’s site.)

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Ok, folks, I just renewed my WordPress membership for another year.  Hope you all appreciate it – stay with me, I have some exciting things planned! (This short post is more-or-less in response to Marilyn Armstrong’s Serendipity Photo Prompt #15 … Continue reading

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Ignore the Stupid Old People

While the stupid old lady (me) was undergoing all those household renovations (come back for tomorrow’s post, hint hint!), Teddy Rosalie decided it would be best to just stay outside and watch the pears ripen. (This post is in response to … Continue reading

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The Lazy Housewife (Or – Dammit, I Already Worked A Full Day!)

Today, my office was evacuated due to a gas leak.  Everyone was sent home. Now, a good housewife would have used the additional time, perhaps, to scrub that kitchen floor while everyone else is still at work.  But I’m lazy.  … Continue reading

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