Did you ever have a frustrating experience with a customer service call center? This post is for you, with thanks to Marilyn Armstrong.

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Garry got his “Microsoft is ready for your download to Windows 10” notification. It came in yesterday — less than 24 hours after we got the upgrade flag. This must be a record for speedy responses from Microsoft.

I haven’t gotten mine. I haven’t checked the two desk tops. I’m not sure I want to “upgrade.” I fervently wish I could call Microsoft and talk to a person. Ask a few questions.

But Microsoft has no customer service, at least not for people like me. Maybe for big corporate customers who own thousands of licenses. Perhaps then you have the magic phone number that gets you through to a live person who answers questions.

Not me, though. I still don’t know if upgrading to Windows 10 will work on this computer. Or will make Garry’s laptop work better or not at all. I’ve heard from people who had great experiences and those who had serious problems upgrading. And…

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