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What the FRAP was THAT?

  Puppy Cody’s dog license renewal came in the mail the other day.  Wow, it’s been a year already? You all will remember when I found my puppy at the SPCA and brought her home.  You will recall how her … Continue reading

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Here’s a little lightness for your Monday morning (or afternoon, or whatever) enjoyment.  It’s from my daughter’s blog, Cordelia Calls It Quits, and I can’t re-blog it because she’s no longer on WordPress – yay for her, she managed to build an actual … Continue reading

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Is CookieCakes a Winner Yet?

Thank you to everyone who voted for me via write-in during today’s elections.  The polls are still open as of the publishing of this post, and there are those of you who may have forgotten to vote and who (having seen the … Continue reading

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Why Dogs Are Bad For Your Health

Bad puppy = bad health for puppy’s owner.  I have become an expert. Cody is now over  7 months old, and thankfully is calming down a bit.  So I guess we’ll keep her (not that there really was ever any … Continue reading

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