Puppy Cody

Here’s a little lightness for your Monday morning (or afternoon, or whatever) enjoyment.  It’s from my daughter’s blog, Cordelia Calls It Quits, and I can’t re-blog it because she’s no longer on WordPress – yay for her, she managed to build an actual writing career working out of her home and using a platform other than WordPress.  Sometimes I’m envious of my own kid (bad mama).

But she still has time for puppies, both her own and for those who have been abandoned or neglected and need extra loving.  Check it out:


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12 Responses to Puppies!

  1. THAT was an awesome post, and Cordelia…that girl’s got it going on! I am going to be reading and following her blog in the future…And the furbaby faces….Awwwwwww!!!!!


  2. YEA! Good job, mom. She wouldn’t be who she is – or do what she does without you to show her the way ( and our kids are always the new and best-est edition if it’s done right. So applause for you, too)


  3. theblogwoman says:

    Mama’s got some cool bragging rights. Kudos!


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