A Short Stroll in the Park

Amy Rose has her favorite parks, and I have mine.  Amy is into hiking and bike riding, bless her athletic little heart.  I’m more into groomed sedate pathways, preferably not too far from a clean public bathroom.

Now that I’m off on Fridays, I discovered that my normal library branch is closed on that day, so I researched other branches.  There are several within easy driving distance of my new home, but the listing that jumped out at me was the Audubon branch.  I had totally forgotten about that branch – and the fact that it is adjacent not only to the Amherst Police Station and Town Court (should I ever need to go there, heaven forbid) but it is also next to Walton Woods Park.

A number of years ago when our kids were young, we occasionally took them to that park for a nice walk.  There is no playground, but it is very pretty, and restrooms are available in the library (a must with young children).

It’s a perfect park for a fat old lady like me.  The trail is only 1.4 miles, and is completely paved.  Even I can do 1.4 miles on a paved trail.

So, off I went to return some library books, pick up some new books, and take some nature photos.

The entrance to the park is not easy to find, but having been there before, I knew just where to look.

Immediately inside the park entrance, the path comes to the man-made lake and forks in either direction to surround that lake.

There are benches placed strategically for those of us who need to rest, a lot.

As I stood at the bottom of a short incline taking photos of the lake, another “mature” couple strolled by and commented that nature is beautiful.  I smiled and replied, “Yes, it is, but I’m not taking bets as to whether or not I’ll fall into the pond.”  They chuckled and moved on.

I decided to take the path opposite from the way they were going so as to have a bit more privacy and came upon another bench, and a large boulder which people can sit on should they choose to do so.

People fish in the lake (I guess it’s kept stocked).  Some fishermen are not as good as others.

I really had gone less than 1/4 mile when I took the final photos.  Just past the next curve is a fairly new housing subdivision.  Many times when walking with our kids, I envied people who lived in those houses – such a great view!

Then my camera battery died!  Had I really taken that many photos since I got that camera?  Yeah, probably so.  Next time, I’ll need to charge up the camera before heading out.

It was a nice, peaceful walk, however short – and now I have a new place to go for photo shoots.  If I remember correctly, the far side of the lake can get a bit wild despite the paved pathway.

A little piece of heaven only 15 minutes from home, where even my aged legs can manage.  Definitely, I will be going back with a fully charged camera.

And, on the way home, I noted two other small parks that I didn’t previously know about.  I intend to check those out, too.

There will be lots of park photos in the future.  Surely, something to look forward to.

Back to work tomorrow, but it was a beautiful, enjoyable weekend (and no contractors – yay!).

Hope yours was relaxing. too.


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Images by Cordelia’s Mom


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19 Responses to A Short Stroll in the Park

  1. Your area look a lot like home. It’s that woodsy river valley look 🙂 We also have an Audubon library and about 50 Audubon parks, probably because I think Mr. Audobon was from around here.


  2. AmyRose🌹 says:

    What a pretty park, CM, one that I had no idea even existed. So much to explore yet …. When we were kids we went to Ellicott Creek Park out Tonawanda way. I really enjoyed your pictures and would love to see more. Awesome post!
    Also, the more you walk and move, the better you feel. Honest. Little encouraging story …. Because I was involved in intense, and I mean intense, Hospice care with Rocky last Summer/Fall/Early Winter, I was not exercising. And then I collapsed afterwards not moving much. I ended up in so much pain in my legs and left foot I could barely walk. I forced myself to walk even when tears were in my eyes from the pain. I just kept going. Fast forward to today … I’m just about back health wise where I was before the major disruption of my life …. My Mom’s death and three of our babies with Hospice care with one and trying to keep another from dying (almost the same thing). The third was fatally hurt and had to be euthanized. BUT! Out of all that I was determined not to fall and so I moved. I pass this story on to you ….. Happy Monday, CM!! 😘😘😘


  3. Dan Antion says:

    Walking ner water is always a good thing. The photos are beautiful.


  4. willowdot21 says:

    Great photos CM 💜


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